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showing lack of love for your country


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While a God-believer can proudly say the Pledge of Allegiance, an atheist must choose to: (1) absent herself from the practice, thus alienating herself from her peers; (2) participate in the exercise that denigrates her beliefs; or (3) say a different pledge by omitting "under God;' which exposes that student and invariably makes her appear unpatriotic.
He added that they denounce the New Sahwa's unpatriotic tendency, being poisoned dagger in Anbar's body.
The actor, who is equally popular in India and Pakistan, had said in an article that he sometimes becomes the inadvertent object of political leaders who chose to make him a symbol of all they think was wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India.
The Green Card actor was branded pathetic and unpatriotic for moving across the border following the introduction of tax increases in his native country.
IN RESPONSE to Andrew Nutt's letter ("Why Land of my fathers is great" August 10), I really couldn't believe his insular and unpatriotic comments
It is completely unacceptable and unpatriotic what he is proposing.
The legendary actor denied he was being unpatriotic by living abroad and said he would happily come home if he could afford to buy a house in the UK.
MOSCOW, (SANA) -- Secretary of the National Committee of the Syrian Communists Unit opposition group Qadri Jamil described the Syrian opposition in Istanbul as unpatriotic and working towards foreign interference against Syria.
Steve Cross, by email AFORGIVE me for being unpatriotic, but nobody's going to want an X-Type in Union Jack colours, not even Austin Powers.
He took one look at it, and said words to the effect 'you are not bringing that German car in here, its unpatriotic, leave it outside,' and he was not joking either.
IT has been reported that Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind Tony Blair to be the President of Europe and claimed it was unpatriotic not to back him.
Dear Editor, Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, has described a Tory MEP as unpatriotic for criticising the NHS while in America.
Giving jobs to foreigners at a time like this goes to prove that our economy is still being run by a bunch of unpatriotic balm-pots.
Much has been made of the legions of fans turning out for the events, but I expect these people are terrified not to, in case they are seen as being unpatriotic or unsupportive.