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not having undergone pasteurization

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Anyone interested in learning more about unpasteurised milk can attend a free event at the Wheelbirks Parlour tomorrow evening, beginning at 7.
These were: an unpasteurised natural watermelon juice (NWJ) containing 1.
The pilot scheme, which started in June this year at The White Horse in Parson s Green, was the first time that unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell was made available to the UK market via a permanent on-premise installation.
Avoid uncooked meat, unpasteurised goat's milk and goat's milk products.
Abbaye de Belloc, an unpasteurised sheep's cheese traditionally made by Benedictine monks in the Pays Basque region of France, was also included on the platter.
Agropur performed extremely well, winning awards for its Grand Cheddar: Gold in the "Best Overseas Cheese" category and Gold in the "Cheese made from unpasteurised milk" category.
You can imagine the conversation among the metropolitan decisionmakers as they discussed the matter over a glass of chilled chablis and unpasteurised goats' cheese sandwich on organic sour dough.
Unusually for a lager, Yeast beer is unpasteurised and each barrel contains a dose of fresh yeast which adds flavour to this unique beer.
The FSA's impending unpasteurised milk review has provoked an acrimonious split in the UK's raw milk movement.
Brucellosis, also called undulant fever, or Malta fever in humans, is a highly contagious disease spread by contact with infected animals, eating raw meat or unpasteurised cheese or drinking infected milk.
Following a periodical review of consumer health risks from unpasteurised milk and cream, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have maintained their recommendation that pasteurisation is an important control measure in reducing the risks from consumption of raw milk.
The bug has an unusual ability to grow in low temperatures and can be found in a wide range of foods including soft cheeses, cold meat products, raw vegetables, fish, salads and unpasteurised milk.
Made from raw, unpasteurised milk the company's Caws Teifi Cheese was named as the inaugural True Taste Product of the Year with the judges praising its "lovely smooth texture" and "nice rich tang".
The Best Continental Cheese, The Best Le Gruyere AOC, The Best Unpasteurised Cheese: Le GruyE?
It's made using unpasteurised organic milk from the farm's 65 Ayrshire cows, and in small batches every other day.