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incapable of being passed


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Scotswood Road and Ouseburn Road in Newcastle were shut off due to excess surface water and parts of Shiremoor in North Tyneside became unpassable by motorists.
Imperious under the high ball, unpassable as the last line of defence, unflappable when kicking for goal, inventive when given the opportunity to run into the line.
The South Bank to Middlesbrough road was unpassable for two days.
A couple of centimetres fell on the Gwynedd slate town, almost catching out drivers and leaving the nearby Crimea Pass, virtually unpassable, except by four-wheel drive.
Fulbrightdazzlesagain Fulbright continued his love affair with the track when proving unpassable in the feature 6f handicap.
Our lead story of the day said that 12 buses were stranded in 10ft snowdrifts on the main Shotley Bridge to Consett road, with many other routes in West Durham also unpassable.
The blizzards that raged from West Virginia to Maine from Saturday until late Sunday also left miles of roads unpassable with downed trees and power lines.
Today Cllr Radford said alleys were becoming almost unpassable because of piled-up rubbish and residents were unable to fit any more in their bins.
Businesses say parking is needed to allow customers access and residents say irresponsible parking makes parts of the roads virtually unpassable.
Roads to Troodos were unpassable to vehicles without chains or four-wheel drive, as snow levels rose to 15 centimetres in the square and 25 centimetres on Mount Olympus.
SNOW GO: Bad conditions made this road at Glenmore, in the Cairngorms, Unpassable DEREK IRONSIDE
Rising water, at one time nearly the height of a two-story building, forced thousands to flee their homes, dozens of roads are unpassable, and electricity and water supply are erratic.
Assuming that the mid-train fire renders the incident train car unpassable, one of three emergency evacuation/ventilation scenarios is likely--each has its own specific benefits and drawbacks, and other scenarios are possible.
Other than that Wolves' defence remained unpassable, marshalled as ever by the imperious Joleon Lescott who could also have earned his side some breathing space, only for his 47th minute header to be cleared off the line by Stuart Green.
As magazines and television programs have shown, our unpassable roadways are shameful, if not a scandal ["Road Rage" January 2005].