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incapable of being passed


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In certain situations, though, especially in a city, roads can quickly become unpassable in an emergency due to traffic.
Glass passageways have been added in key locations to create new pathways through the building and around spaces that were formerly unpassable when occupied.
The unpassable road in Jacque was private, and therefore the doctrine of necessity did not apply.
If that many members support LRFA, and therefore logically oppose the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, FPFPA would be unpassable.
Most roads in different provinces were re-opened after being unpassable Tuesday due to the weather conditions the country is facing.
As Boylston residents are aware, after the recent Asian Longhorned Beetle eradication efforts at Hillside that removed a large number of trees, some of the trails had become overgrown and unpassable.
The government road is unpassable and probably will be for a week or two," he said.
Residents escaped before the roads and bridges became unpassable.
It was, rather, the over-development of the formal side, in the "anti-structure" of Political Economy, which in its genesis and form was derived from a bourgeois construction, and which confined the real historical content into impermissible and unpassable forms.
Scotswood Road and Ouseburn Road in Newcastle were shut off due to excess surface water and parts of Shiremoor in North Tyneside became unpassable by motorists.
Imperious under the high ball, unpassable as the last line of defence, unflappable when kicking for goal, inventive when given the opportunity to run into the line.
The South Bank to Middlesbrough road was unpassable for two days.
A couple of centimetres fell on the Gwynedd slate town, almost catching out drivers and leaving the nearby Crimea Pass, virtually unpassable, except by four-wheel drive.
Fulbrightdazzlesagain Fulbright continued his love affair with the track when proving unpassable in the feature 6f handicap.