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not divided by partitions

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With a cardinality of 10000 records for each relation, the access cost with the proposed design is 702 ms, compared to 838 ms for unpartitioned solution and 2247 ms for trivial partitioning, showing an improvement of 16% over unpartitioned solution, and 70% over trivial partitioning.
Montague's essay 'The Unpartitioned Intellect' is perhaps the most eloquent and uncluttered argument for a plural Ireland of recent times and one which reflects the poet's sense of the futility of factions and feuds.
The galleries for temporary exhibitions are unpartitioned, with space articulated by the massive brick piers that support the vaults.
Each unpartitioned, column-free residence has multiple risers for design flexibility, allowing layouts ranging from two to four bedrooms.
The place on the language map where the Usk and the uisce and the whiskey coincided was definitely a place where the spirit might find a loophole, an escape route from what John Montague has called "the partitioned intellect," away into some unpartitioned linguistic country, a region where one's language would not be a simple badge of ethnicity or a matter of cultural preference or official imposition, but an entry into further language.
This memory thoughtfully reconfigures the forest as an encompassing womb-like whole and an unpartitioned tomb.
The product also synchronizes changes to logical schematics, allowing multiple design teams to work concurrently on a single unpartitioned design.
For the present this is regarded as an unpartitioned room.
After the partition, the interests of the income beneficiary and the various remaindermen would be the same as in the unpartitioned trust.
All of this occurred in one large unpartitioned room.
My guide for the day, Roger Lambert, took me first into the office, which is one huge, unpartitioned room full of desks, file cabinets, and computer terminals.
support for unpartitioned removable media, including the ability to disable removable media devices or USB-only devices, and the ability to adjust mounts
The leka pelian are always sung on the unpartitioned gallery (ruai) of the longhouse, representing the community's main communal space, while the sick person always remains inside the family apartment, the household's chief domestic space.
The distributions of both LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 in the unpartitioned newborn population were characteristically skewed towards the high concentrations; this will produce a large number of false positives arising from the primary screen.