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so rude and abusive as to be unsuitable for parliament

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This has always been the culture of the Congress to use such kinds of unparliamentary words, and we totally condemn this, and this is definitely not the kind of language anyone should use," said BJYM member Saptagiri Gowda.
The Chair expunged the remark, saying it was unparliamentary.
His unparliamentary remarks had created so much controversy that BJP was left embarrassed.
I don't know how the Labour candidate expects to get elected using this sort of unparliamentary language.
The Shadow Welsh Secretary accused Mr Hain of lying but later apologised "unreservedly" after being chastised by the Welsh Grand committee chairman for unparliamentary behaviour.
I'm not sure what sort of prime ministerial roasting that the Children's Secretary is in for, but I rather suspect his unparliamentary nickname of Balls-Ed is going to be applied in a rather tangible way.
The Speaker has to hear something and rule against it before it is considered to be unparliamentary, which means the worst words you can think of probably aren't on the list yet.
If I had heard it I would have ruled it out because it was inappropriate behaviour and unparliamentary language.
His prospects weren't helped when he attacked the Nats with a word he said was unparliamentary so he could only give its first and last letters - "h" and "y" (meaning hypocrisy).
The Deputy Speaker rose to rebuke him for unparliamentary language - until Denis revealed that he was quoting the great 19th Century Parliamentarian Lord Macaulay.
Gen (Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch has said former Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif had not used any unparliamentary language against political opponents.
Certainly, ugly sentiments and verbal attacks are not new in the political arena, and Mr Khan is not the only transgressor when it comes to the use of unparliamentary language.
Shah denounced using of unparliamentary language in politics, and said that they wanted supermacy of masses in the country.
Likwise, Trillanes filed an ethics complaint against Gordon also for unparliamentary acts and slander.
On February 14, a point of order was raised alleging the use of unparliamentary language during a speech in the chamber.