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so rude and abusive as to be unsuitable for parliament

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ISLAMABAD -- Chairperson National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting Marvi Memon Monday urged Pakistan TehreekiInsaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to avoid using abusive and unparliamentary language against political leadership of the country.
Shah Farman and Fazal Elahi of PTI had allegedly used unparliamentary language against female lawmakers of the opposition.
MPs have a right to be heard without overwhelming background noise, and unparliamentary language is not allowed.
The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) said Khurshid's remark against Modi was unparliamentary.
Robertson said: "I heard no unparliamentary language but I did hear the Prime Minster refuse to implement the recommendations of the Electoral Commission, which is disappointing.
A non-cognizable offence complaint was also filed against him for using unparliamentary language referring to Samjwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi during the protest.
Her work there is superb, but includes what some might describes as rather unparliamentary language.
On this side of the pond, we had grey-faced PM John Major, who got tongues wagging when it was revealed that he had indulged in some most unparliamentary hanky panky with cabinet colleague Edwina Currie before his days in Number 10.
Minutes before the start of the ceremony, the stadium announcer read out a list of rules for spectators, including the stern warning: "Do not use unparliamentary language.
His unparliamentary remarks had created so much controversy that BJP was left embarrassed.
I don't know how the Labour candidate expects to get elected using this sort of unparliamentary language.
The Shadow Welsh Secretary accused Mr Hain of lying but later apologised "unreservedly" after being chastised by the Welsh Grand committee chairman for unparliamentary behaviour.
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) takes exception to the use of rude and unparliamentary language against the minister in this report," it said in a statement issued yesterday.
I'm not sure what sort of prime ministerial roasting that the Children's Secretary is in for, but I rather suspect his unparliamentary nickname of Balls-Ed is going to be applied in a rather tangible way.
The Speaker has to hear something and rule against it before it is considered to be unparliamentary, which means the worst words you can think of probably aren't on the list yet.