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Synonyms for unparented

having no parent or parents or not cared for by parent surrogates



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sit half-empty because these unparented teens are too unmotivated to participate.
He saw children as polluted, the flotsam and jetsam of the urban ships, nearly ruined by their unparented, undisciplined life on the streets.
But unlike the undead and the unparented, Dallas actually played a tangible role in the overthrow of Ceausescu and the celebration that ensued.
With the rise in urbanism and a decline in infant mortality in the late eighteenth century, impersonal adoption--via the orphanage--came to be the core practice of managing unparented children.
It arrived unparented," says Wood, "as a kind of collective emanation of ponderous academic silliness.
Standing out in harsh relief, family breakdown (1) generates unparented children who attend schools that increasingly resemble detention homes rather than centers of enduring training, discipline, and education, and (2) contributes to out-of-wedlock births and adolescent violence that, so far as we know, is now at unprecedented levels.
When you have a large group of unparented, adolescent males, you have chaos.
who are unparented and whose communities are morally bankrupt:' Being associated with the more radical left does not imply immunity from the rhetoric of spreading pathology among the black poor.