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Synonyms for unparented

having no parent or parents or not cared for by parent surrogates



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He saw children as polluted, the flotsam and jetsam of the urban ships, nearly ruined by their unparented, undisciplined life on the streets.
But unlike the undead and the unparented, Dallas actually played a tangible role in the overthrow of Ceausescu and the celebration that ensued.
With the rise in urbanism and a decline in infant mortality in the late eighteenth century, impersonal adoption--via the orphanage--came to be the core practice of managing unparented children.
It arrived unparented," says Wood, "as a kind of collective emanation of ponderous academic silliness.
When you have a large group of unparented, adolescent males, you have chaos.
This viewpoint was reiterated in a New York Times opinion piece she wrote soon after the earthquake in Haiti, in which she decries the hypocrisy of delaying or shutting down ICA 'in the name of protecting children': 'The real risk of abuses occurs when unparented children are not placed for adoption' [original emphasis] (Bartholet, 2010b, p 3).