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in an unpardonable manner or to an unpardonable degree

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And if for lack of medical attention and medicines children were dying and their sick mothers going untreated in Tharparkar, wasn't his health minister unpardonably negligent and unforgivably indifferent to his responsibilities?
Until such prohibitions are instituted, HIPAA's public health exception unpardonably will continue to facilitate the "laundering" of protected patient data as it is transferred from a data protected domain to unprotected space.
A couple of them were unpardonably bitchy and obnoxious.
As Mark Twain wrote, "There are few things that are so unpardonably neglected in our country as poker.
The fact that online retail in this region is unpardonably out of date is indisputable--but the reasons for the phenomenon probably are.
But Robert Proctor, a historian of science at Stanford University and the author of a forthcoming blockbuster entitled "Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition," argues that to use education as one's only weapon against a highly addictive and often lethal drug is unpardonably insufficient.
As mentioned, this narrow focus gave rise to gaps within works on film history, which actually and unpardonably neglect the cinema beyond Hollywood or the European film industry.
While it would be unpardonably ethnocentric to suggest that only Jews could have discovered intra-biblical interpretation, it is not surprising.
Yet it's true that the Obama administration has been unpardonably lax in pursuing its own policy goals for Sudan, such as holding the country's leaders responsible for their repressive or murderous actions and proposing incentives or sanctions to influence their behavior.
Yet on a closer look it appears that we would unpardonably simplify things by holding them identical.
Unpardonably, what he lacked most was a proportional vision, which would have bestowed wealth and peace on Iraq.
As he acknowledges, the Supreme Court has been unpardonably opaque and inconsistent in its treatment of questions of legislative fact in constitutional cases.
Mistrusting and feeling betrayed by the liberal--and to his mind unpardonably stupid--Western media after his exile, he rarely gave interviews after his emigration to the United States.