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in an unpalatable way


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They should be a little soft and pretty salty, if they are unpalatably salty, rinse them in fresh water.
And someday when interest rates become higher, a statutory rate (like 9 percent) on a judgment could be unpalatably below market rates.
My stance is not that of "support", but the unpalatably realistic view that government will impose this solution to the energy crisis and is correct that the lights will otherwise go out.
IN OUR INCREASINGLY packaged consumerist world, even global poverty figures must ultimately arrive in a wrapping that is not unpalatably unattractive to the public.
If a normal light roast is used for espresso, it might be unpalatably acidic, whereas a medium roast may still be sharp and sweet.
Johnson to Winston Churchill, it is the idiosyncratic individual who stirs their imagination, not some unpalatably abstract truth.
The story told in the book boils down to a message that establishes Junger in the public consciousness as a deeply, often even unpalatably, conservative, yet never insincere, facile, or shallow thinker and doer.
The doors which were opened for Zverev slammed shut for Lev Sandakchiev of Vector Laboratories, who was not involved in the destruction campaign but is certainly, if rather unpalatably, a smallpox expert.
Such demands may well be revived however unpalatably unfashionable they may seem to the Mr Blair who spends his time on the Richard and Judy show.
Unable to receive, unable to give, Zarathustra's giving turns unpalatably sour.
10 cone weighed 275g on my in-car scales, but the chips reached just 60C on the chipometer and were unpalatably bitter.