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Synonyms for unpalatable

Synonyms for unpalatable

so unpleasant in flavor as to be inedible

difficult to accept

Antonyms for unpalatable

not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind

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That means clicking works both as Mullerian mimicry (two unpalatable species benefiting by making similar sounds that predators can learn by catching either one) and Batesian mimicry (edible prey borrowing an "unpalatable" signal), says Barber.
This is examined in the context of Bayesian and Humian criteria, and the author discusses popular fallacies in the treatment of unpalatable evidence.
In spite of the messages inherent in the Ramayana that seem unpalatable to the Western sensibility, such as the notion of trial by fire, the dance was a stunning display of gold and light that bent our extreme notion of virtuosity into something more subtle and exquisite.
As Reagan left office, he issued the executive order now being exercised by the present administration, giving himself and future presidents an essentially unlimited period to review records before their release, so they could invoke executive privilege to keep anything unpalatable locked away.
One unpalatable lesson this book gently implies is that critics lacking religious experience may be "color blind" to important aspects of early modern culture and writing, to borrow a recent British historian's analogy.
The unpalatable point for progressives is that many, if not most, nonvoters didn't care to learn more about Nader because they were too busy with their distractions, from Survivor to Home Improvement to Internet porn.
By giving CNAs the tools to make a difference, episodes of incontinence were reduced by 23,000 in one year, lessening an unpalatable job component that is a primary cause of turnover.
John has an unpalatable diet and dresses for repentance instead of success.
Alternatively, they will say their job was strictly to carry out the mission at hand, however unpalatable or ambiguous, and to obey duly constituted civilian authority--not to question.
For example, "The most persistent recurring dream, almost nightly, is the unsuccessful attempt to obtain breakfast or any other kind of food for that matter, except very occasionally some utterly unpalatable dish.
As the economy has declined in the past few years, firms in the construction industry have been forced to accept an unpalatable combination: lower fees and more onerous contract terms.
Betaine helps many patients, but is not readily available except in an unpalatable form (as a hydrochloride).
Therefore, while some taxpayers may not want to come forward and make a change in their LIFO calculation method that is unpalatable, others may view the risk of an IRS audit-imposed change (that could effectively include substantial give-backs of their prior years' LIFO tax benefits) as the lesser of two evils.
The idea became unpalatable, however, following strong public opposition, said Shin.