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of the remaining member of a pair, of socks e

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These are polymers of an organometallic monomer with unpaired electrons.
This male was unpaired and singing at a late date (highly unusual for after-second-year birds in this region), suggesting that his unusual song repertoire was the cause of his lack of reproductive success.
Free radicals (molecules, ions, or atoms with unpaired electronics in their outermost shell of electrons) are involved in the pathogenesis of many diseases and physiological processes.
3 Name the draw game in which the lowest five unpaired cards win.
Three sets of dependencies are generated in this phase: one set of paired/common dependencies and two sets of unpaired dependencies, one corresponding to each of the two sentences.
WT and KO data was compared with the unpaired Student's two tailed t test with Welch's correction to determine statistical significance (Prism GraphPad software).
We further suggest that the attractive component of the long-range electromagnetic force between parallel spin electrons accounts for the experimental fact that unpaired electrons in different atomic orbitals having the same energy are parallel spin-aligned.
Recent sightings of unpaired ospreys are thought to be of these Welsh-born birds returning home for the first time.
Table 1 January 2008 FCC 700 MHz Auction and Band Plan BLOCK FREQUENCIES BANDWIDTH PAIRING AREA TYPE # OF LICENSES A 698-704/728-734 12 MHz 2 x 6 MHz EA 176 LOWER 700 B 704-710/734-740 12 MHz 2 x 6 MHz CMA 734 LOWER 700 C 710-716/740-746 12 MHz 2 x 6 MHz CMA 734 D 716-722 6 MHz Unpaired EAG 6 E 722-728 6 MHz Unpaired EA 176 C 746-757/776-787 22 MHz 2 x 11 MHz REAG 12 UPPER 700 D 758-763/788-793 10 MHz 2 x 5 MHz Nationwide 1 UPPER 700 A 757-758/787-788 2 MHz 2 x 1 MHz MEA 52 ALREADY B 775-776/805-806 2 MHz 2 x 1 MHz MEA 52 ALREADY BLOCK STATUS A (TO BE AUCTIONED) B (TO BE AUCTIONED) C ALREADY AUCTIONED D ALREADY AUCTIONED (public safety) E (TO BE AUCTIONED) C (TO BE AUCTIONED) D (TO BE AUCTIONED) A AUCTIONED B AUCTIONED More info can be found at: http://wireless.
ESR is a branch of absorption spectroscopy in which radiation having frequency in the microwave region is absorbed by paramagnetic substances to induce transitions between magnetic energy levels of electrons with unpaired spins.
An unpaired Cys, residue 34 in albumin, has been considered the predominant site in proteins forming disulfide linkages with thiol-containing amino acids (5-7, 10).
One-way analysis of variance using Tukey's test for multiple comparisons and an unpaired t test were used to compare all normally distributed data with GraphPad Prism 4.
An unpaired hand will become a pair 33 per cent of the time and a pocket pair will turn into three of a kind once in every eight hands - use these figures when betting.
If you have an Ace and good kicker you are at an advantage against all unpaired hands and may even have someone dominated.