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Antonyms for unpainted

not having makeup on


not having a coat of paint or badly in need of a fresh coat

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I never see a filthy yard that I do not want to clean it, a paling off of a fence that I do not want to put it on, an unpainted or unwhitewashed house that I do not want to pain or whitewash it, or a button off one's clothes, or a grease-spot on them or on a floor, that I do not want to call attention to it.
I had been travelling over the mountains most of the afternoon in an old-fashion stage-coach, when, late in the evening, the coach stopped for the night at a common, unpainted house called a hotel.
Under the oaks, almost buried in them, stood a rough, unpainted cabin, the wide verandah of which, with chairs and hammocks, advertised an out-of doors bedchamber.
The walls of bare unpainted planks were studded here and there with great wooden pins, placed at irregular intervals and heights, from which hung over-tunics, wallets, whips, bridles, and saddles.
He need not cumber himself with a conventional nature and culture, nor ask what is the mode in Rome or in Paris, but that house and weather and manner of living which poverty and the fate of birth have made at once so odious and so dear, in the gray unpainted wood cabin, on the corner of a New Hampshire farm, or in the log-hut of the backwoods, or in the narrow lodging where he has endured the constraints and seeming of a city poverty, will serve as well as any other condition as the symbol of a thought which pours itself indifferently through all.
And there is not one of us, painted or unpainted, that would not rather burn than rot.
In one place, there was a new wooden church, which, having no steeple, and being yet unpainted, looked like an enormous packing-case without any direction upon it.
There was nothing in the room except two chairs and a sofa covered with American leather, full of holes, before which stood an old deal kitchen-table, unpainted and uncovered.
Pulse GX50 is also suited to be used in unpainted applications, reducing part costs by 50%, according to OEM and tier partners.
She missed the fact that only a portion of the curb ramp side flares were painted yellow and tripped at the unpainted portion of the side flare.
First Aluminium Nigeria (FAN) Plc entered into an agreement with a producer of aluminium coil for the supply of unpainted coil to FAN for the production of roofing sheets.
The robot features: a special four-layer paint with varnish clear-coat for easy cloth cleaning; unpainted mounting holes; unpainted stainless steel mechanical stops; and special glue-seals to avoid particle generation In certain conditions it can meet more stringent, ISO 4 (Class 10) requirements.
Inventory includes 17,000+ painted lures @ $3 each cost plus 51,000 unpainted at $1 each.
Matt Gray, Dulux technical training consultant, says you should start with the ceilings, so any drips will fall only on an unpainted surface.
Jigs are available in 1/8- and 1/4-ounce sizes and red, chartreuse or unpainted colors.