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not paintable especially not suitable for artistic representation on canvas


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In Goldin's work, the blur is a by-product of long exposures, necessary because of low levels of available light, but in Molloy's art, the blur draws attention to her attempt to paint the unpaintable.
25) For Richter, the paintable and the unpaintable are shifting sands: not a question of taboos or proscriptions, given or handed down; rather an exercise of individual artistic conscience.
On the paintable and the unpaintable, see the interview with Robert Storr, Doubt and Belief, pp.
In his "Londons" Monet touched upon things thought to be unpaintable, transforming into wonderful images of changing light both the earth and man himself as he vi ewed them and became absorbed into them.
Seemingly painterly and yet unpaintable, the "painting" in Wang Wei's poem exemplifies the paradox of "painting in poetry.