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a person who performs voluntary work

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Thus, if an unpaid worker is charged with discrimination based on race, gender, national origin, religion, disability or age, for example, the VPA is irrelevant.
Councillor Stephen Thompson, chairman of the social work committee, said: "Community payback unpaid workers are proud to support the local community by helping to build, refurbish and repair town centre fixtures and fittings such as bollards and planters.
Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett is heading a plan to use unpaid workers to reduce pressure on hospitals by helping to feed and comfort patients, fetch medicines and drive them home.
Construction work at Vostochny has been dogged by scandals involving protests by unpaid workers and the arrests of officials accused of embezzlement.
UNPAID workers were put in the picture when Kirklees College held a photo exhibition to mark National Volunteers Week.
HUNDREDS of unpaid workers have gone so long without salaries that a volunteer group says it has run out of money to feed them.
Unpaid workers demonstrate almost daily at some location in Iran.
Unpaid workers provided crucial community services to support women who had been raped.
It contains a number of limitations such as exclusion of a large number of informal workers like agricultural workers, construction workers and informal workers in the formal sector, ignorance of the working conditions of the informal workers and the special problems of the women workers including unpaid workers of household.
Majority of employed women are unpaid workers contributing in family works.
He explained that unpaid workers for the charity spoke to each member of the camp to find out what supplies they needed.
He slammed Rival Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a businessman who achieved success through lawsuits, unpaid workers and cheating people.
The unpaid workers are considered a vital part of the variety of support services provision aimed at families across Teesside affected by autism.
This time, however, the increase in self-employed workers is followed by the declining share not only of regular employees but also casual employees, unpaid family workers, and employers assisted by temporary or unpaid workers.
Sushma added that she will handle the matter at the diplomatic level and the Indian Embassy provided financial help to unpaid workers and repatriated 80 of them to India.