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not packaged or put into packets


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We, the old people, prefer the unpackaged milk because it is natural and doesn't contain any preservative materials.
Although much of the milk and juice consumed in Egypt remains unprocessed and unpackaged, Tetra Pak and Faragalla expect to change that in the coming years.
These research reports cover current market trends, forecasts, historical data and more on the global unpackaged and packaged food market.
The lesson, I think, is that if unpackaged, untreated meat can survive for 14,000 years in a natural deep-freeze without assistance from health and safety gnomes and the Woolly Mammoth Eating Advisory Panel, we should be slightly less respectful of sell-by dates.
4 percent per annum compared with unpackaged products, which only grew by 2.
During the 12 month period, Unpackaged Holidays Ltd, a company over which
Whether they are in Missouri or Maryland, shoppers are thinking that fresh unpackaged foods which you wash yourself may be safer than anything they buy in a package.
Retailers selling unpackaged food on dell counters are being offered a Food Standards Agency guide to help them provide accurate information to people with allergies and intolerances.
WIN a week of luxury for two in Tenerife with unpackaged.
Police said when they entered the apartment they found packaged rocks of cocaine on the living room table along with unpackaged crack cocaine, a scale, razor blade and ammunition.
Unpackaged Holidays is offering self catering holidays to Cyprus in a four star holiday village from pounds 7 per person per night.
Reverse logistics organizations are not accustomed to handling large quantities of heavy, unpackaged items and conducting serial number capture at the time of pickup.
The unpackaged components will allow customers to build their very own unique itinerary tailored to suit their very own travel needs and budget.
Established by Congress over 10 years ago, the FMNP's goal is to provide fresh, unpackaged, locally grown fruits and vegetables to WIC recipients and to expand the awareness of, use of and sales at farmers' markets.
People are often surprised by the offers Obbink makes for their beloved toys; unpackaged action figures that aren't in mint condition might fetch $5 or $6, tops.