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remove from its packing

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SAYS: Retailers delivering large items should offer to unpack them and take away boxes and other wrappings - unless the customer decides otherwise.
Also, unpack and organise the room as soon as you are done with cleaning, so you have a better overview and less boxes.
It also aims to unpack the nature of Allen's comedy, which arguably "recovers a fullness of the comic that had been lost by high art .
For example, the page devoted to the letter U reads "Adbadaba alphabet, / upsydaisydoo, / see a letter sound a letter, /UUU / uncles rest in ugly chairs, / umbrella birds unpack upstairs" and features a whimsical drawing of uncles resting and umbrella birds unpacking.
While I may grumble about the red eye flights back from Las Vegas or the clothes that need ironing every time I unpack my bag, the reality is that meeting our readers and advertisers face-to-face has yet to be topped by an e-mail note.
This is a powerful question for the preacher to unpack in a sermon.
As seen in this first career survey, though there are direct references to Duchamp's assisted readymade (as in Improved Rack #1, [Moose], 1999) and to Beuys's ritualized and romanticized sociopolitical ephemeral props (as in Unpack, 2003), Joo also posits his own brand of intriguing and often darkly humorous questions about race, consumption, religion, and metaphysics, proving his shamanship to be far more than tongue-in-cheek.
But in the Daniels and Sandy missionary effort to carefully unpack and unclutter the complexities of black manhood, they compile a book that begs for subtlety.
Dekker's intent, among others, is to unpack or translate a set of seventeenth-century jests for a twenty-first century audience as a window into an emergent Dutch bourgeois culture.
But 28pc said having to clean, pack and unpack their possessions was the most stressful aspect of buying a new house, while 19pc said a broken property chain was their biggest nightmare.
But 27% said having to clean and pack and unpack all their possessions was the most stressful aspect of buying a new house, while 15% said a broken property chain was their biggest nightmare.
To unpack stories through deconstruction, the chapters in a lifeline are explored as larger systems (i.
After completion of the day's build order, lift truck drivers are instructed how many of which printer models to deliver to the unpack area in manufacturing.
It's unlikely you'll unpack immediately on moving day, but you can ask your removers to put boxes where they need to be unpacked.