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having no owner



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1] has just titles either because they mixed their labor with unowned resources or because they engaged in free transfers with individuals entitled to their holdings.
See JAMES BOYLE, THE PUBLIC DOMAIN: ENCLOSING THE COMMONS OF THE MIND 47-48 (2008) (describing the rhetoric of "the tragedy of the commons" and arguing that "when policy makers see a resource that is unowned, they tend to reach reflexively for 'the solving idea of property.
If they do not like this libertarian notion of awarding property rights to the first user of unowned areas, let them lump it.
knowledge as unowned knowledge, devoid of intellectual ingenuity.
In Europe, I believe Credit Suisse,HSBC and Banco Santander are all deeply undervalued, unloved and unowned banks.
Information must be shared between unowned facilities, meaning separate organizations.
In fact, the concept of finders keepers derived from the work of the second century jurist Gaius, who suggested that unowned property (res nullius) became "the property of the first taker.
Street dogs in the capital Bucharest have been in the news after a boy, four, was killed by a stray in August and ministers passed a law allowing for the city's 64,000 unowned dogs to be put down.
Drugs were found in an unowned bag near the car of a passenger train from Bishkek to Novosibirsk.
3) His "argumentation ethics" is an argument from the features of argumentative activity to the conclusion that each person has the moral rights to self-ownership, to acquire property in unowned resources by mixing her labor with them, and to exchange property with others by agreement.
they are unowned until captured, and once captured, title vests in the
Prices in markets are negotiated between owners and buyers; the overexploitation of rivers, lakes, fisheries, aquifers, forests, and airsheds occurs chiefly because those resources are unowned.
This country has poor suburbs on the outskirts of large cities, with large populations of unowned dogs and limited resources to implement dog mass vaccination campaigns and animal birth control programs.
356) In the example of the commercial fishermen who are denied their catch by a third party's carelessness, the third party wrongfully interfered with the fishermen's justifiable interest in pursuing unowned resources.
Among those who classify property regimes on the basis of the number of owners, Margaret McKean distinguishes between (a) unowned or open-access property, where "no one has rights and .