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This idea that forestalling violates the homestead principle and therefore that it is impossible to appropriate land in such a way as to forestall others from appropriating an unowned land or from exiting already appropriated land has been called by Kinsella the "Blockian Proviso" (Kinsella, 2007; Block, 2010b).
Free-ranging cats include those that are unowned and completely independent of humans (i.
People who really ought to know better frequently use the term "common property" to refer to unowned resources, to which no one has recognized rights of any kind and which therefore is not property at all.
How he offered her a flower then did things that though she didn't recognize them didn't feel unfamiliar but invisibly tangled and left spots of red dripping down and her own Papa saw the belly and unowned her.
It's time for libraries to step up to those values by supporting access to the Internet and taking the lead in fighting to keep the Internet open, free, and unowned.
Carroll's use of "speculation" in the chapter leads to a fascinating history of the poles, both as limits that resisted integration into empire, and as a sort of pure, romanticized version of unowned space capable of disguising the sins of imperial desire.
in owned and unowned dogs and cats in Northern Italy.
We have proven that when shelters stop the cycle of impounding and killing healthy cats, particularly feral cats that are unowned and live in colonies, cats can be protected and resources are redirected to life-saving programs," says ACA president Becky Robinson.
He wouldn't let me touch him, so there's a chance he's a feral cat and unowned, or he might be owned by someone in the area, and so will hopefully make his way back home.
The 98-percent-leased mall is home to anchor tenants JCPenney, Von Maur and AMC18 Theatre in addition to Target, Kohl s and Sears, which are unowned, and multiple inline tenants, including Barnes & Noble, The Children s Place, Gymboree, Biaggis Ristorante Italiano, Sunglass Hut, Jos.
Here, Gordon relied on a simple Ricardian account of how two parcels of unowned land, one of very high quality, the other quite indifferent, would lead to a situation in which the superior land would be overexploited until its value at the margin (its marginal value product) would be driven down to equal that from the poor parcel.
The author has organized the main body of her text in nine chapters devoted to the origins of society and property; property, intimacy, and privacy; common ownership; communism; the romantic ideal of the unowned wilderness; and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Prevalence of feline leukemia virus infection and serum antibodies against feline immunodeficiency virus in unowned free-roaming cats.
Zwolinski makes an original, thought-provoking argument that because private property itself is coercive--after all, it arises when individuals metaphorically fence off unowned land and threaten trespassers with bodily harm--owners of this land (and their heirs) owe everyone else a payment for the common property they have seized.
Alternatively, the first space pioneers might have a voluntary convention in which their representatives form a kind of outer space "social contract," thereby setting the rules for original appropriation of unowned resources, property rights enforcement, and the proper bounds of behavior between parties when one party's behavior imposes uncompensated burdens on others.