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Synonyms for unostentatious

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

Synonyms for unostentatious

not ostentatious

exhibiting restrained good taste

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87) As for their unostentatious clothing, there are Maoist features: all clothes are the same color, the number of cloaks is limited, and each cloak is normally worn for two years.
She was simply taken in by the tribals' simple, unostentatious life.
But the unostentatious notice on which the verse ends may be more biting than it seems.
The great work was probably saved by its unostentatious binding -, no bling and it wasn't worth nicking.
During my visit to their detached but unostentatious Kings Norton home, Jo was out on yet another book run, another example of how she's always kept faithfully in the background of her husband's career.
99 until May 22 at Tesco) Sticking with South Africa, do seek out this unostentatious but enjoyable everyday white.
are less likely to turn out to be good infantrymen than the unostentatious types who are happy to carry standard equipment.
The result, a subtle bridge between the past and present, bears no signs of kitsch and creates a warm, unostentatious setting in which to have a meal or drink--or a restful sleep.
The most unostentatious, the most inexpensive, the most ridiculous chair, if a chair can be ridiculous, which could be devised.
In what I rank as the best debut by a female director since Aparna Sen's 36 Chowringee Lane, Shinde imbues a majestic mellowness and an unostentatious glow to the story of Shashi's coming-of-age saga.
The novel is full of observations that are the keener for how unostentatious they are: "In America they call that a breeze, Greta thought.
The letter read, in part, "We appreciate the unostentatious prayers and efforts of woman in advancing the cause of religion at home and abroad; in Sabbath-schools; in leading religious inquiries to their pastors for instruction; and in all such associated effort as becomes the modesty of her sex, but when she assumes the place and tone of man as a public reformer, her character becomes unnatural.
Carnavas' bright and unostentatious pen and watercolour illustrations accompanied by large bold font offer a combination to ensure that books and family life are just the right mixture to ensure happiness and contentment.
The Friesens' spirituality is unostentatious but integral to their identities.