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Synonyms for unostentatious

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

Synonyms for unostentatious

not ostentatious

exhibiting restrained good taste

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In what I rank as the best debut by a female director since Aparna Sen's 36 Chowringee Lane, Shinde imbues a majestic mellowness and an unostentatious glow to the story of Shashi's coming-of-age saga.
The letter read, in part, "We appreciate the unostentatious prayers and efforts of woman in advancing the cause of religion at home and abroad; in Sabbath-schools; in leading religious inquiries to their pastors for instruction; and in all such associated effort as becomes the modesty of her sex, but when she assumes the place and tone of man as a public reformer, her character becomes unnatural.
Carnavas' bright and unostentatious pen and watercolour illustrations accompanied by large bold font offer a combination to ensure that books and family life are just the right mixture to ensure happiness and contentment.
The Friesens' spirituality is unostentatious but integral to their identities.
The right way, according to Paul, was in a very fleshy, unostentatious, imperfect, perhaps even weak but very authentically human way.
The lone other survivor of the productions previous outings, Stephanie Blythe (Eduige) sang at her glorious, velvet-plush best, while debutant countertenor Iestyn Dairies gave the almost-surefire secondary role of Unulfo a full measure of unostentatious skill.
Enraptured by the unostentatious originality of what greeted my ears, I eventually explored more from the same pen and accordingly gained a specific musical satisfaction that no other composer has quite provided.
If the bankers were Christians, there might have been additional talk (though this is unlikely) about such an appetite for increasing wealth being contrary to the simple, modest, unostentatious, sacrificial life-style of One who had nowhere to lay his head; that excessive wealth is not just a case of being unable to serve God and mammon, but also a case of it being impossible to love money and the way of Christ.
Its unostentatious reputation, however, makes it perhaps the ideal choice for a Maoist prime minister who has said that one of his top priorities is the eradication of poverty.
While his quiet and unostentatious sympathy, one of the powers of the ideal physician, was conspicuous in Dr.
For our interview, Gaga, 25, wears an unostentatious pink dress and sunglasses with star-shaped lenses, which she removes while we talk.
153) concluded that the "unweary, unostentatious, and inglorious crusade of England against slavery may probably be regarded as among the three or four perfectly virtuous pages comprised in the history of nations," and modern scholarship has generally confirmed this evaluation, at least with respect to British antislavery.
Now the unostentatious eaterie, run by husband and wife team Piero and Dawn, is busier than ever.
jjAge of understatement In an age of showy, maudlin affection towards progeny from celebrities such as David Beckham, it was refreshing to see a unostentatious, old-school attitude to the small matter of his child's age from Jamie Carragher.
Spruance's unostentatious mode of communication compares well with that of the far more charismatic Horatio Nelson.