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Synonyms for unornamented

lacking embellishment or ornamentation

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It was necessary to have a plain and unornamented design in this product since it was meant to reflect the culture of Mevlevi dervishes and the cultural origins of coffee in Anatolia.
3 mm wide), unornamented, bedding plane-parallel, straight to broadly curving (but not looping and crossing) trails that are preserved as concave epireliefs or convex hyporeliefs.
The redness of those seemingly irrelevant rose leaves is artfully contrasted with the lights of lines 1 and 3, but this apparently decorative opening comes up short against the strongly foreboding, unornamented dialect speech of the fourth line.
For a man who's straddled an unornamented bi-cycle crisscrossing 78 countries covering over 95,000 kms and aims to tally 191 countries over 200,000 kms by this decade, living out of four tiny camping bags, you would imagine him to be slightly removed from the ordinary.
The birth happened in the apartment building because the ambulance driver could not tell one unornamented, faceless building from another and, as a result, lost his way in the city.
Apple relied on seven features of the design which can be summarised as a simple, unornamented, rectangular design (with no markings depicting orientation), being evenly rounded with a flat surface and thin profile.
Pollen wall covered with large, irregular shields of pila with narrow to wide, unornamented, recessed spaces between the shields.
Given his propensity in these letters for self-dramatization, for extravagant language, and for sometimes lame attempts at humor--Hemingway's friend Bill Horne called the letters "effusions" (266n)--it is amazing that just a year later, beginning in 1923, Hemingway would craft short stories like "Indian Camp" and "Cat in the Rain" that are concise, spare, unornamented, and restrained.
Instead of being circular like most minarets, it is made up of flat, unornamented planes.
Designed by Indian architect Charles Correa, the building is made of the same sort of white stone as the tower but is completely plain and unornamented, unlike the strange combination of gothic and oriental next door.
On Commercial Street there were a thousand windows, bleak and square unornamented windows reaching up as high as the eye cared to wander.
Based upon this chosen canon, Patel discusses the reception of unornamented and ornamented familiar musical sequences and finds that longer, ornamented phrases require a familiar ending.
Jones have identified the new plain style as a phenomenon that manifested in sparse, unornamented language.
As cities across the United States were embracing the unornamented Modernist building designs defined by steel, glass and iron, Portland's city leaders wanted to build a municipal building that had its own unique look.