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Synonyms for unornamented

lacking embellishment or ornamentation

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Leaves grass-green; megaspore surface granular or unornamented [Fig.
Designed by Indian architect Charles Correa, the building is made of the same sort of white stone as the tower but is completely plain and unornamented, unlike the strange combination of gothic and oriental next door.
On Commercial Street there were a thousand windows, bleak and square unornamented windows reaching up as high as the eye cared to wander.
Based upon this chosen canon, Patel discusses the reception of unornamented and ornamented familiar musical sequences and finds that longer, ornamented phrases require a familiar ending.
As cities across the United States were embracing the unornamented Modernist building designs defined by steel, glass and iron, Portland's city leaders wanted to build a municipal building that had its own unique look.
Ten pairs of unornamented spiracles, 2 thoracic and 8 abdominal (Fig.
elements (pitted, combed, cord impressed, solid and dotted incised lines), patterns (localised elements or combinations thereof), motifs (simple geometric shapes formed by single or multiple elements), images (combinations of motifs) and compositions (the totality of motifs and unornamented areas).
According to Ashton, "From the outside it looks like nothing - the plain board cover is quite beaten up and unornamented, not elaborate at all.
81) and stakes her claim to the kingdom with a self-conscious performance of unornamented sincerity and plain-speaking which in this courtly context fails her badly.
Moses' unornamented towers in a park were grim-looking (though often nicely landscaped) and lacked retail and a street wall, but that was the era's aesthetic, even for private middle-class projects like Met Life's Stuyvesant Town in New York.
9) lies in juxtaposition to a right valve, hinge line to hinge line, and is unornamented.
In support of his theory, Vermeij found that gastropod shells changed from simple unornamented forms in the Palaeozoic to robust, thick and ornamented in the Mesozoic, and that, at the same time, new and innovative groups of molluscivore predators emerged.
She also applauds the book for not being merely "a problem novel" about anti-Semitism in America: "It is something far better, a consistent work of art, in a lucid, unornamented style, a book written, we may suppose, out of factual and personal knowledge, but in the aristocratic spirit of the artist, with a pride with disdains a false defense.
In his architecture, the later 1870s saw Godwin retreat from gothic as a source for a new style, and create his most individual designs, the studio houses in Chelsea for his friends Whistler and Frank Miles, which are the architectural equivalent of his spare, unornamented furniture.