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Antonyms for unoriginality

uncreativeness due to a lack of originality

the quality of being unoriginal

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67), lack of creativity, unoriginality, emphasis on surface effects, etc.
We are trained to be frightened of unreadability, inertness, unoriginality and difficulty of poetic form, and hate "copying," "simulations," "reproduction," and "recycling" in poetry.
ANoTHER tedious result of the imagination-free reality TV industry's obsession with Newcastle, Geordie Finishing School For Girls broke new ground in unoriginality.
By the fourth year, many institutions see levels of unoriginality fall by up to 70 percent.
But this unoriginality may have been a conscious way of offering to its readers the familiar and the reassuring, inserting a sense of the local into the general poetic discourses of sensibility.
From such psychic fantasies he wrung the curiously authentic unoriginality of his styles from the mid-1920s onwards.
A competent but hardly outstanding artist, he was wounded by accusations of unoriginality and turned to hoaxing as an act of revenge on the critics who had failed to acknowledge his genius.
Naipaul repeatedly stresses the unoriginality of Third World radicalism.
The Bay of Islands - the seascape we saw from the skidoo - was discovered by Captain Cook, who went on to discover and name, with spectacular unoriginality, Bay of Islands in New Zealand.
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" might go down as the album of the year, despite all its shortcomings, unoriginality and pretentiousness.
11) That it did so indicates that A New ballade, for all its seeming unoriginality, raises significant issues and touched a raw nerve in the Tudor body politic.
In other words, the female migrant is an abject whose signification, due to her politically, economically, and socially vulnerable position, quickly becomes synonymous with machinery--suggesting her unoriginality, archetypification, and lack of subjectivity.
Hettie Macdonald's overrated Beautiful Thing (1996), a film much in debt to British TV soap operas, has an essay dedicated to it, though Ros Jennings notes its predictable moves and can only commend it for its "positive unoriginality.
Perez's relentless disclosure, page after page, of Torres's source material invites a judgment of unoriginality in the Ejercicios, but the flow and lucidity of the assembled text leaves the impression of a pedagogue who knew how to gather material in a way that pupils of varying levels could use it efficiently.
Next on my list was the sheer unoriginality of their sound.