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Antonyms for unoriginality

uncreativeness due to a lack of originality

the quality of being unoriginal

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For example, we have found that students with an unoriginality score as low as 40% may still have plagiarized large sections of text.
com/articles/2014/10/28/lords-of-the-fallen-review) IGN jokingly called it Lite-Souls as a small jab to the game's unoriginality.
Its inward-looking culture and the Chinese technology industry's reputation for unoriginality limit the company's ability to compete with Google and other U.
George's lack of imagination, the novel offers far less critique of American cultural immaturity and unoriginality than a novel like The Age of Innocence.
All of this unoriginality in mind, it is also possible that no other dress has combined the individual elements in this way before, so the dress taken as a whole design is original.
Conversely, those who give way to unoriginality are condemned as minor, inconsequential, or impotent, and it is assumed that they are simply not good enough.
Railing against the unoriginality and unfavorable style found in this flood of "litterature industrielle," Sainte-Beuve sees the moment in which he is writing as a "comble" of this "envahissement"--even if inferior literature has always existed (677).
We appear to be going around in ever decreasing circles of political unoriginality, culminating in the ultimate dumb idea of reverting to the sort of price controls that failed so spectacularly in the 1970s.
Given this perceived pervasive unoriginality, all that most Indologists felt a need to do was to document the existence and extent of the corpus (and that, too, in a very partial manner) and comment how this or that poet, while "too often imitating Kalidasa, sometimes even slavishly .
Defending himself against a critic's charge of unoriginality, he once said, "I will answer for it that no modern poet can write a single line but among the innumerable authors of the world you will somewhere find a striking parallelism.
I find myself less intrigued and more flabbergasted by the unoriginality of it all.
Tellingly, the sin for which she is censuring herself is one of unoriginality, not dishonesty.
And perhaps more than any other author included in Against Expression, Knowles's work is undoubtedly marred by the poetics of unoriginality and nonexpressivity imputed to it.
Such a circumstance may raise concerns of unoriginality or the suspicion that Somerset's work is merely a modern interpretation of already explored revisionist approaches to the sources of the late Stuart era.
26) But by emulating models of narration and characterisation designed to encourage cult fandom, Blood Ties lays itself open to accusations of unoriginality, something the British press was quick to pounce upon.