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The study analyzes nearly 55 million student papers from 1,000 colleges and universities to determine the percent change in papers that contain more than 50 percent unoriginal content.
Perloff's Unoriginal Genius pays a new attention to this new reality of technological and cybernetic revolution, and its corollary impact on poetry writing.
This title, first published in the US looks at the eighteenth-century American political polemicist and asks if he were 'the most important political writer of his century' or a 'filthy, poverty-stricken, drunken wastrel and an unoriginal thinker'.
Great businesses don't do original things, they achieve unoriginal goals in creative ways.
Although Edgar Allen Poe essentially invented the detective story in 1841 with "Murders in the Rue Morgue", there would be years of stagnation and unoriginal popular culture dime novels until transforming social conditions would be reflected in fundamental changes in the detective novel.
Just to clarify the issue, I felt the KOTR writing was--please refer to my original letter that was in the March 2006 issue, I hope this one is more to the point--boring, unoriginal, and uninformative.
The subject matter of this engaging but unoriginal book refers to black performers during one of the most tumultuous periods of African American history.
Declining sales amid criticism that its clothes were overpriced and unoriginal meant pretax profits fell 53 per cent to pounds 15.
Let London carry on being unoriginal with its continual memorials to Shakespearean thespians.
Don't think: No ``Original Gangstas'' in this movie, but plenty of unoriginal ones, even some downright hackneyed ones.
Compared to nuanced considerations of the city by writers James Ellroy, Mike Davis, and Bruce Wagner or artists like Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, and Paul McCarthy, Morris's view of Los Angeles is profoundly vapid, cynical--and unoriginal.
Johnson was both a trendsetter (his AT&T Tower, with its "Chippendale" top, ushered in postmodernism) and a trend-stealer, with some horribly unoriginal buildings.
com, a site that helps professors identify unoriginal material in papers as easily as students can cut and paste it.
Starting with a discussion of how we mark the most significant events of our lives, birth, marriage, death, by turning to the unoriginal (cigars with blue ribbons for boys) to express our sentiments, Howard makes his way to the subject of worship in general.