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not having position or goal definitely set or ascertained

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Some events observed in cells, such as unoriented chromosomes and chromosome bridges, indicate that these extracts at the concentrations tested promote aneugenic and clastogenic damages, respectively.
OmniView allows detailed inspection and verification of unoriented wine and juice bottles, canned goods, pharmaceutical vials and other cylindrical packages right on the production line.
If the specimen is received unoriented, precluding identification of margins as distal or proximal, it should be denoted here.
n,k] [congruent to] O(n)/O(k) x O(n - k) of unoriented k-dimensional vector subspaces in [R.
The remaining unoriented block off-cuts were re-sampled for the present study by drilling standard cylindrical specimens.
According to Cobb's interpretation of Ayala, in current usage, the meaning of the notion of "random" mutations is that: (1) mutations "are rare exceptions to the regularity of the process of DNA replication, which normally involves precise copying of the hereditary information, encoded in the nucleotide sequence"; (2) "there is no way of knowing whether a given gene or genome will mutate in a particular cell or in a particular generation"; and (3) the mutations "are unoriented with respect to adaptation" (Back to Darwin, pp.
The set of point in S with [alpha]-wedge depth 1 are called unoriented [alpha]-maxima by Avis et al [2] who study their computational and combinatorial properties.
The intensity distributions of non-basal diffractions 20l, 13l and 02l, 11l identify a polytype using unoriented preparations.
The extended entries include Pontrjagin's article on smooth manifolds and their application in homotopy theory; Thoms' work on global properties of differential manifolds; Novikov's paper on homotropy properties of Tom complexes; papers by Smale on the generalized Poincare's conjecture in dimensions greater than four and the structure of manifolds; Quillen's article on the formal group laws of unoriented and complex cobordism theory; Buchstaber, Mischenko and Novikov's joint effort on formal groups and their role in algebraic topological approaches; and Buchstaber and Novikov's work on formal groups, power systems and Adams operators.
Similarly, we can define a space based on unoriented lines in the tangent plane to the sphere.
Grinded and homogenized unoriented powder samples were prepared on Al-sample holders and exposed to CuK[alpha] radiation on Dron-3M diffractometer.
Tredegar Performance Films, Richmond, VA, supplies a full grade line of polyethylene films for diaper, feminine hygiene and adult incontinent product packaging, as well as a series of cast unoriented polypropylene (CPP) films with moisture barrier and heat seal properties suitable for wipes packaging.
Selection works upon unoriented variation and changes a population by conferring greater reproductive success upon advantageous variants"; The Panda's Thumb, 79.
A total of 1,227 unoriented sequences were screened in this way by testing 12 oligonucleotide probes, 6 in the forward direction and 6 in the reverse (relative to the input sequence).