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not having position or goal definitely set or ascertained

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Primitive Triassic and Jurassic serpulids may have possessed only simple, unoriented structures (Vine & Furrer 2008).
A total of 1,227 unoriented sequences were screened in this way by testing 12 oligonucleotide probes, 6 in the forward direction and 6 in the reverse (relative to the input sequence).
For Boxill (1985), this involves increasing the child's self awareness in order to free "misused, misdirected, unused [or] unoriented energy" (Boxill, 1985, p.
For unoriented parts, the necessary orientation provided by parts feeders will usually eliminate the need for robotic manipulation.
When the specimen is completely unoriented, the preferred orientation value is 0, while the value of preferred orientation is equal to 100% once crystallites are all arranged perfectly parallel to one another.
Record improvements in the tensile moduli of unoriented polypropylene nanocomposites have been obtained, with polypropylene (PP)-graphite nanocomposites exhibiting a 100% increase and PP-MWCNT nanocomposites a 50-60% increase relative to neat PP.
XRD data was collected in powdered unoriented preparations with Dron-3M difractometer using Ni-filtered Cu-Ka radiation.
ETPs often have excellent processing characteristics in meltblowing, spinbonding, staple fiber forming and other methods that create fibers for felts, filters, multifilaments and unoriented yarns.
The specimen consisted of an unoriented, elliptical, pale, tan to dark gray, focally roughened, nodular skin lesion measuring 1.
Loads being transported include automobile, truck, and tractor bodies and chassis; engines (Figure 6), transmissions, and gearboxes; racks of oriented tools for automatic toolchangers (Figure 5); and tubs, both sheet metal and wire (Figure 7), for unoriented parts.
The microstructure of nylon-6 filament comprises three different phases, namely crystalline, unoriented amorphous (isotropic), and oriented amorphous (anisotropic) domains.
A versatile cast film line with an integrated MDO unit for processing polyolefin and polyester films with or without barrier layers, either unoriented or mono-oriented.
i] (for all 1 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] k - 1) and leaving all other edges unoriented.