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First transition' and unordinary alteration', then, are just different names for a single type of process, viz.
ISLAMABAD, July 15, 2011 (Frontier Star): The remodeling project of federal capital's Marghzar Zoo, which is a the place of entertainment for the people of all ages, have been confronting unordinary delay owing financial scarcity.
The company vice president of culinary operations, Jacques Van Staden, said 'Qsine is designed to bring out our guests' 'inner foodie' through a uniquely unordinary approach, elevating the dining experience to a performance art.
A sharp drawing of breath from someone in the group indicates that it is a moment unordinary.
The names of members are equally unordinary, though, as Colilli points out, they followed a rationale:
South Korea likewise acknowledges the importance of finding a way out of the unordinary measures, one of the South's officials told the press, but ''it is too early'' to be ready for that until strong signs of sustainability in the recovery are found.
Although it is not unordinary to see such variations within an area so heavily influenced by personal beliefs and stereotypes, for some, these discrepancies undermine the value of the statute.
It is nothing unordinary for the weaker party to aspire for a binational state, at least if history is our best indicator.
Perhaps, we will make unordinary decision, since the authorities provoke us.
But it turned out to be fitting attire, because a portion of the landfill is the most unordinary, and hallowed, of sites--a grave for victims of 9/11.
This is an unordinary situation where we were caught with something that wasn't us, but our name was thrown in.
Using ordinary furniture and fixtures in unordinary places, allows for high impact at affordable costs.
This led her back to the act of surveying, of monitoring the endangered birds on her local beach, and finally of really seeing her surroundings and expressing them richly, in a way that might urge her readers to freshly see their own unordinary worlds.
She spontaneously woke her campers one morning to the announcement that "today is Unordinary Day.
After looking for a while at these works, one realizes that the choice of quotidian subject matter is, in part, a canny means of counterbalancing--and calling attention to--the entirely unordinary, techniques with which they were made.