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Synonyms for unofficially

without official authorization


not in an official capacity


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I say unofficially because Ivory Coast haven't yet beaten DR Congo - they're still waiting for an appointment with him - while Ghana are yet to knock out Equatorial Guinea.
Worryingly, insurance policies and potentially buildings cover could be invalidated if multiple occupants are living in a property unofficially.
STATISTICS tell us the recession is done and dusted, at least for the time being, but a financial chill is still rattling doors at empty stable yards which are on the market across Britain, either officially or unofficially, writes Rodney Masters.
Brazil has got it at the moment at 100 people and we've just done an unofficial count on the fourth wave at 125 people so unofficially we've taken it back.
By KARACHI, July 28, 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Shaukat Tareen, advisor to prime minister on finance has been unofficially elected unopposed as senator from Sindh as no other candidate has filed nomination papers to contest election on the senate seat which has fallen vacant following the resignation of Dr Javed Leghari.
Summary: Unofficially working companies, which turnover is worth $10bn, flee taxes annually, President of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI) Brahim Bendjabber said Tuesday.
Dnevnik has unofficially learned that BDI would be patient until autumn and wait for the Euro-Parliament elections in Greece to be over.
It had been unofficially estimated that the 31-year-old asylum seeker from Somalia, who can only be identified as A, could receive up to pounds 50,000 compensation.
Finally, after an on-ice confrontation with assistant coach Mark Hardy, Avery was unofficially kicked off the team.
Magistrates this morning granted officers permission to question the man, who has been named unofficially as Tom Stephens, 37, of Trimley St Martin, until tomorrow evening.
As before, these patriots were undeterred and adjourned to the Raleigh Tavern and unofficially carried on their steadfast resistance to the lengthening list of English abuses.
The record books will state the Jamaican equalled the world record ( but his run was unofficially timed at 9.
Unofficially, we'll call it the largest single-family building permit in Little Rock.
Xena, unofficially called the 10th planet, is the second-most-shiny known object in the solar system, new observations show.
Many, many times I have accused the council of this unofficially and officially at forums and meetings.