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not having official authority or sanction

not officially established

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In Sindh, 1070 seats were contested and unofficial results for 770 are out.
com/google-nexus-5/development/rom-fastboot-flashable-native-lollipop-t2929179) unofficial build w/o Google Apps, boot animation and other bloatware.
8220;Through the partnership, undergraduate students who choose to become unofficial ambassadors and to make a difference in the lives of others will not only develop their professional skills and become our global citizens and leaders of tomorrow, but now they will also earn academic credit for their efforts and take a step closer to graduating.
Any worker who goes on unofficial strike breaks his contract of employment and therefore should no longer be employed.
SANA'A -- Tens of unofficial employees demonstrated Tuesday in the front of the Cabinet, demanding implementation of the Prime Minister Basindawa's promise to officially hire 60,000 employees appointed in May 2011.
The Welsh Rugby Union has found that hundreds of fans may have paid high prices for unofficial hospitality packages.
HUNDREDS of rugby fans face being turned away from the Millennium Stadium on Friday following a crackdown on unofficial hospitality packages.
Summary: FOROS, July 25, 2010, SPA -- Vladimir Putin says he met with the Russian spies who were expelled from the United States, joining them in singing an unofficial KGB anthem and promising them good jobs and a bright future back in their homeland, AP reported.
The raids are believed to be actions taken by the country's president to increase control over an unofficial foreign exchange market.
A PROMISING young film director from Merseyside today revealed he has been approached to master a new unofficial World Cup anthem.
Summary: At least 200 people have been killed after a trench collapsed at an unofficial gold mine in Sierra Leone.
Summary: Several members of the People's National Assembly (Parliament) urged Thursday the governor of the Bank of Algeria, Mohamed Laksaci to take action against the unofficial currency trading and to develop tools to increase investment credits.
As a result, it is common for firms in transition economies to make unofficial payments to officials to obtain needed services and avoid taxes and regulations (Djankov et al.
According to unofficial information, Macedonian investments in "the land of the eagles" over the past ten years have amounted to one billion euros, and this year alone, despite the crisis, 10 million euros were invested there.