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in an unobtrusive manner


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Using the M-o-M app, marketers and brands can unobtrusively capture real mobile phone behavior, as opposed to claimed behavior in surveys, thus giving marketers valuable data that could help them monetise their content and applications better.
Teachers closely monitor the students' activity and collaborate with them as they work with the software so they can step in unobtrusively to help also.
In fact, two such homes stand unobtrusively on Chandler Boulevard today - no complaints.
After spiraling out of a figure suggesting a rotating Taoist yin-yang symbol, Macavinta and Minniefee unobtrusively incorporated weight-sharing and balance techniques while stone-stepping a precarious path across lighting designer Stephen Strawbridge's darkened, star-strewn world.
The insole is very thin and fits unobtrusively into the shoe, according to the companies.
minimally or at least unobtrusively postproduced) visuals and the extravagant artifice of its sound track invited the viewer to savor the unregarded delights of our everyday surroundings and smile at the fantasy that they might ever be entirely amenable to our control.
This sleek hard-top convertible caters to the James Bond in all of us, with a long list of high-tech features that includes a push-button ignition starter, heated and cooled seats, a noise compensation system that adjusts stereo volume in response to outside sounds, a "Head-Up Display" that projects vehicle information unobtrusively on the windshield, adaptive cruise control that adjusts to keep a standard distance from the car in front of you, and magnetic ride control sensors that assess road conditions 1,000 times per second.
They cared for her,and us,professionally,compassionately and unobtrusively.
The mirrors were extensively used from 1780 onwards both in halls as a decorative feature and dining rooms where they were often used by a butler to unobtrusively observe the guests while dining since the mirrors gave an almost 180deg view of a room.
Intrepid travellers will be able to engage in WWF's conservation work, meeting team leaders and contributing directly, but unobtrusively, to local communities.
The managed switch brings intelligence to the edge of the network, mounted unobtrusively inside a standard NEMA-WD6 wall cutout.
Arkivio's agent-less discovery allows us to unobtrusively determine for our customers how to optimize their backup windows, fully utilize existing capacity, and implement new hardware for tiered storage and online archiving.
The screensaver will unobtrusively donate the computer's idle processing power and link it into a worldwide Grid that will act as a virtual supercomputer capable of analyzing billions of molecules in a fraction of the time it would take in a laboratory.
Celestial Seasonings' Morning Thunder box, for example, has unobtrusively noted that it's a 50-SO mix of black tea and mate.
Seamlessly and eloquently written, the work is also closely argued, deeply researched, and tellingly but unobtrusively theorized.