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Synonyms for unobtainable

not capable of being obtained

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I write as a person who has been able to attend training courses and request funding advice that was unobtainable elsewhere.
The council have been informed that the phone number is unobtainable and therefore the signs are meaningless.
Further, much of the information on the reverse of the pounds 1 doorstep sign is incorrect, including emergency telephone numbers that are now unobtainable.
Gluten free foods in supermarkets are expensive and unobtainable to many people.
She emphasizes that this is unobtainable unless managers consistently display traits--including honesty, reliability, and accountability--that support positive relationships.
Even signature dishes are often unobtainable or altered for one reason or another.
By using a proprietary tinting system, the new line "provides a level of accuracy, covering power and beauty unobtainable from any other source," the company said in announcing the program.
business owners to exit or raise capital at valuations that would otherwise be unobtainable in conventional domestic common or high-yielding preferred offerings.
Thousands got only a constant engaged or unobtainable tone.
Female condoms are often unobtainable, and accelerated research on woman-controlled barriers is needed.
But no address or charity number has been provided and the only contact number has proved unobtainable.
Harvard University has joined the roster of top-tier schools helping low- and moderate-income students afford what they see as an unobtainable postsecondary education.
Has he stopped to consider that we have no steel industry, no aluminum industry, a declining auto industry and fewer jobs because the plaintiffs bar and anti-capitalism initiatives have made profit a dirty word and unobtainable.
It provides direct images of the shapes and three-dimensional arrangement of the scattering objects within a sample that is unobtainable using conventional x-ray imaging methods.