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a transuranic element

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Thus, 104 unnilquadium is Unq, 105 unnilpentium is Unp, 106 unnilhexium is Unh, 107 unnilseptium is Uns, 108 unniloctium is Uno, and 109 unnilennium is Une.
Though this article is concerned with elements 110-999, I couldn't help but notice that UNNILPENTIUM (element 105) and UNNILSEPTIUM (element 107) can both be transdeleted (by removal of three letters) to NEPTUNIUM (element 93), an element whose name isn't part of the new systematic convention.
By my reckoning, that's 54 element names; we've already seen that element 105, UNNILPENTIUM, qualifies.
unnilpentiums Uranium lunarium W2 lunarium W2 Vanadium nondesquamative W2