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We have now reviewed, in detail, all the articles composing the sum or quantity of power delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government, and are brought to this undeniable conclusion, that no part of the power is unnecessary or improper for accomplishing the necessary objects of the Union.
Or Proclus may have thought it unnecessary to give the accounts by Lesches and Arctinus of the same incident.
And the drone of whom we spoke was he who was surfeited in pleasures and desires of this sort, and was the slave of the unnecessary desires, whereas he who was subject o the necessary only was miserly and oligarchical?
I have already told you that your message to Charles was unnecessary, and I have no desire to meet him.
To speak of it to my husband would be unnecessary and out of the question.
It is my rule never to make unnecessary mysteries, and never to set people suspecting me for want of a little seasonable candour on my part.
After- events proved this last precaution to have been unnecessary.
Have I not carefully avoided exposing myself to the odium of committing unnecessary crime?
A well-meaning and, in some respects, highly accomplished tolerance melodrama, the movie is ultimately undone by unnecessary plot distractions and, though they're interestingly detailed, uninvolving characterizations.
This symposium concurs with a European awareness campaign launched by Sorin Group to alert physicians on the risks associated with unnecessary ventricular pacing.
You might have a $40,000 lawsuit in which you have $100,000 in fees because of the unnecessary layers of emotion.
David Weissberg, CytoCore's CEO stated, "Currently, the limited surgical treatment option for cervical lesions produces an unnecessary risk and burden on the patient and the physician.
Cacheris, meanwhile, said he ``urged the House managers to report to their superiors that it is unnecessary to call her as a witness because all her testimony is fully and completely disclosed.
Such capabilities will yield significant cost savings by minimizing the need for biopsies and unnecessary or overly aggressive treatments as well as eliminating the adverse effects that invariably accompany unnecessary treatments.
It makes little sense to continue using a chemical additive that is unnecessary, is polluting the general drinking water supply in California and may well have other health implications,'' she said.