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Synonyms for unmutilated

free from physical or moral spots or stains

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Three weeks after the occurrence, a party of Indians of the Sault, passing by the spot, found his body unmutilated.
Why should those of us whose real loyalty is to the wonderful sight of unmutilated equine athletes competing against each other largely for their own delight have to put up with this?
That is to say, an editor of Porius would naturally decide to edit the unmutilated typescript version of the novel, but nevertheless it would be open to the editor to decide to follow the accidentals of the 1951 published version.
The "anything we love" of the title includes relationships between mothers and daughters, artists, nations we admire, women's unmutilated bodies, the earth, cats, dogs, horses and trees.
This faithful disciple entered his church, saying: "If I am to credit the surmises kindly whispered to me, that unless I forbear from praying for the King I shall never pray or preach more, I can only say, whilst no intimation could well be more distressing it admits not one moment's delay: with all due respect for my ordination oaths, I am firm in my resolution while I pray at all to conform with the unmutilated liturgy of the church, and pray for the King and all in authority under him.
The use of a code is a good idea, but it is effective only when uncrushed or unmutilated bottles are separated by hand.
His bizarre assumption that the use of euphemism is synonymous with innocence reminded me of my father's most haunting war story: One of the few unmutilated survivors of a tree-burst barrage in the Ardennes, he remembers his friends kneeling as if saying their prayers before bedtime and then going peacefully to sleep in the snow.
The acts in which it manifests itself are reproduction and the use of food, because for any living thing that has reached its normal development and which is unmutilated, and whose mode of generation is not spontaneous, the most natural act is the production of another like itself, an animal producing an animal, a plant a plant, in order that, as far as its nature allows, it may partake in the eternal and divine.