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Synonyms for unmoving

Synonyms for unmoving

not in motion


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not arousing emotions

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Therefore, if you place "fe" and "ar" together you have the word fear, a combination of a hard unmoving metal with a gas that won't combine with anything.
concentration of mind it would take to wait unmoving in your own fiber
The crosshairs are sitting unmoving on the antelope's shoulder.
The result, while seductively silly and largely unmoving, does a better job than its predecessor of celebrating Saint Laurent's flamboyant artistry.
So I was peeved to see what I thought was a chap, unmoving and waiting for me, two fields away.
Mosquito larva thrive in stagnant or unmoving water while the mosquito fish is hardy and can survive even in highly polluted water.
Forced me to accept his unmoving and unmovable black ball as the hulking center to Holly Solomon's centripetal walls.
The sun has not risen, curious phrase, the sun as we know neither rising nor setting, fixed in the sky, unmoving, planets spinning around it, turning and turning on their axes.
The vehicle stopped and witnesses said three unmoving bodies could be seen.
He said Mr Evans, a widowed father of two and a retired RAF fireman, who met King through a gay dating site, was already lying unmoving on the floor when the first film began.
The illustration on the front cover of four figures in shadow passing though a barbed wire fence where there is a silent bird perched unmoving gives a foretaste of the suspense in the pages within.
If she lies unmoving, she finds the smell almost endurable.
Before the harmattan and the digger, unmoving I sit; before these
Drivers in London were static for 36 minutes 28 seconds and unmoving in Manchester for 28 minutes, 39 seconds.
She draws out the way in which the entirety of Julian's revelation takes place while she is confined, unmoving and deeply ill, to a bed in a room adorned by a crucifix, and this physical reality is never quite left behind in her account of the revelation.