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But the 50-year-old, who lives in Barnton, Edinburgh, said of Twitter: "It's been an unmixed blessing, trolls included - they genuinely do not bother me.
There are many different types of gels, including thermally crosslinked gels, highly oxidized gels, unmixed gels, and contamination.
Plumy nut is an unmixed food, but mainly a multi treatment [administered] to children facing malnourish.
I evolved the method of placing small dots of colour unmixed close together on a canvas, which became known as pointillism.
They will immediately receive money after sorting the supplied wheat and making sure that it is clean, unmixed with sand, gravel or old wheat.
The unmixed donor (Turquoise) and acceptor (Venus) images were summed to produce total fluorescent protein signals (donor+acceptor signal) and FRET image.
An unmixed motive does not seem to exist in David's world, or in his heart.
In the Philebus, Socrates maintains two theses about the relationship between pleasure and the good life: (1) the mixed life of pleasure and intelligence is better than the unmixed life of intelligence, and: (2) the unmixed life of intelligence is the most divine.
Shipping by barge allows oil companies to keep their barrels "sovereign," or unmixed with other grades that flow through pipelines, Stastny said.
Most of those agents are believed to in the form of unmixed binary components, probably stored in tanks.
The graph also shows the weld regions of unmixed zone (UZ) and partially melted zone (PMZ), the HAZ and the base material (BM).
Electrical current was applied under various conditions to two different package substrate surface finishes to compare the effects of chemically unmixed and mixed joint structures: a Cu/SAC305/Cu structure and a NiAu/SAC305/Cu structure, respectively.
Aggregate particles in the powder of the solid phase unmixed with water, are pseudospheroids, with a few sizes of 30-40 urn.
But using a paint stirrer is time-consuming and hard work, plus it's easy to leave unmixed paint at the bottom of the tin.