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(chemistry, physics) incapable of mixing

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The use of indices provided two advantages over individual variables as explanatory variables--eliminating multicollinearity in regression models, and allowing the integration of two seemingly unmixable modeling approaches (environmental and demographic).
Experiments included making lava, the formation of sound and echoing by utilizing empty bottles, the basis of shapes and shadows in the dark, coloring flowers, and unmixable liquids experiments.
On the other hand, the expatriate may have the feeling of separate-ness of the two cultures/languages which thus constitute a conjoined but absolutely unmixable double.
emulsion A uniform mixture of two unmixable substances such as fat and water-based ingredients to create a homogeneous mixture that will not separate.
emulsion A smooth temporary mixture of two unmixable liquids created by rapid blending, such as with oil and vinegar.
Scott' and Tucci's film itself might also point in this direction since it centers around the image of the "timpano," the famed main dish composed of unmixable elements that is served during the crucial dinner scene.
Polygenesis"--the theory that God made blacks and whites in separate, unmixable batches--is at the root of Bob Jones's antimiscegenist beliefs.
Usually, large drops and strings that form in a blend of unmixable polymers break up under shearing forces.
Just as there are certain letters (vowels), the Stranger suggests, that mix with others (consonants) and others (consonants) that do not mix, so that one must possess a certain kind of knowledge ([GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) to distinguish and hence be able to combine them correctly, we also need to have a science that can determine which of the kinds of being go through all so as to make them capable of mixing and which are unmixable and hence causes of the divisions among them.
If one says "one nature" in the sense of unmixable and indivisible union and not in the sense of confusion, and if one says "two natures" as being without confusion and without alteration and not meaning "division", [then] both are within the orbit of orthodoxy ["true faith"].
A dispersion is a system of unmixable phases in which one phase is continuous and at least one is finely distributed.
It amounts to mentally mixing the logically unmixable.
He wanted to do justice to subjects as stubbornly unmixable as oil and water; the cotton and tobacco fields of North Carolina would never smell right in the fish and salt water and concrete and brick of lower east side New York.
Surfactants reduce the surface tension between two normally immiscible, or unmixable, materials, allowing them to mix.
Tar and water, unmixable elements, combine to silver in the wind, to dazzle other cities, other planets, with a skyline of foil.