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Synonyms for unmitigated

Synonyms for unmitigated

Antonyms for unmitigated

not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity


References in classic literature ?
Here, all eyes were turned upon Brittles, who fixed his upon the speaker, and stared at him, with his mouth wide open, and his face expressive of the most unmitigated horror.
The depressed Pickwickians turned moodily away, with the tall quadruped, for which they all felt the most unmitigated disgust, following slowly at their heels.
You unmitigated cur," exclaimed Trefusis fiercely, "what right have you to give away to his unborn children the liberty of your own?
Meriem spent an evening and a night of unmitigated terror.
The door, however, proved not to be locked, and they were all agreed in turning joyfully through it, and leaving the unmitigated glare of day behind.
To him it may have been an unmitigated relief, but she wept bitterly in her apron.
Some critics consider the man an unmitigated disaster who was incompetent and fraudulent, while his backers think him a tough enforcer of the law.
Summary: Anomaliand NSS Labs haveannounced a strategic partnership that provides enterprise customers with a unified view of unmitigated threats and empirical …
We know this hospital will be an unmitigated disaster with terrible consequences.
The trade unions believe that such a move would be an unmitigated disaster.
THE thing with having a child - or more accurately these days a hairy 6ft offspring who has left school - is the sheer unmitigated joy that we are no longer in the realms of being ripped-off by the school holiday hiked travel prices in July & August.
What unmitigated and economydestroying nonsense when considering that significant countries such as China, India, Brazil and the USA have no such plans.
His alliance with the Tories has been an unmitigated disaster for the party, both at national and local level.
Summary: It was ecstasy for South African Charl Schwartzel in The Masters at Augusta and total unmitigated agony for Rory McIlroy.
Given that DAB is broadcast from low-power local transmitters, separate from the primary masts, is it any wonder that DAB signals fade in and out, and that DAB in cars is an unmitigated disaster?