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Synonyms for unmitigated

Synonyms for unmitigated

Antonyms for unmitigated

not diminished or moderated in intensity or severity


References in classic literature ?
His marriage seemed an unmitigated calamity; and he was afraid of going to Rosamond before he had vented himself in this solitary rage, lest the mere sight of her should exasperate him and make him behave unwarrantably.
Monsieur Tarzan," he said, "may indeed wish that he had never befriended me, for I can assure him that he has won the enmity of two of the most unmitigated scoundrels in all Europe.
It was the most complete, unmitigated, soul-fraught little piece of earnestness that ever you beheld in all your days.
Nevertheless, she is not an unmitigated evil, your Miss Lackland.
Now one man to the fore in the snowshoes, and now the other, it was a case of stubborn, unmitigated plod.
And I still believe that Herbert Spencer is a great and noble man and that Judge Blount is an unmitigated ass.
And of all unmitigated immoral gouges, your destruction of the closed-shop principle was the limit.
The ship's cook is not a man to look back on his rescue with the feeling of unmitigated satisfaction which animates his companions in trouble.
Come, you know what I mean; I 've a right to ask and you ought to tell," said Tom, soberly, for he was beginning to find that being engaged was not unmitigated bliss.
Every particle herself, and never asked a bit of help or advice from anyone," answered Aunt Plenty, folding her hands with an air of unmitigated satisfaction, for her pupil certainly did her great credit.
It was my unmitigated and absolute good fortune, good luck, chance, call it what you will, that brought me through the fires of John Barleycorn.
The quiet little man, who had just muscle enough to lift a dictionary from the shelf, and just training enough to play the fiddle, so far from being daunted by the rough reception accorded to him, appeared to feel no other sentiment in relation to it than a sentiment of unmitigated conte mpt.
His extravagance, Mr Nickleby,' said Madame Mantalini, addressing herself to Ralph, who leant against his easy-chair with his hands behind him, and regarded the amiable couple with a smile of the supremest and most unmitigated contempt,--'his extravagance is beyond all bounds.
You rascal, you unmitigated rascal," replied Barbicane, "you do not want oxygen to mount to the head.
Raffles would plan a fresh enormity, or glory in the last, with the unmitigated enthusiasm of the artist.