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Synonyms for unmistakable

Synonyms for unmistakable

clearly defined; not ambiguous

easily seen through due to a lack of subtlety

Synonyms for unmistakable

clearly evident to the mind

Related Words

clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment

References in classic literature ?
And at the same moment, he saw the man with the unmistakable ginger beard kneel down on the ground, level his gun, and coolly take his time for the long shot.
This was the second time in my life that I had heard the unmistakable call of John Barleycorn.
But a voice behind me, the unmistakable voice of Wolf Larsen, strong with the invincible certitude of the man and mellow with appreciation of the words he was quoting, aroused me.
And he defines unmistakable as "art that doesn't require a signature.
Masses, turning out to be rapid, is one of the principle contemplations behind sharp abatement in per capita water availability in the country and that stances more unmistakable peril to the money related change of Pakistan, he included.
YOUR report on the so-called "Shearer" statue started with the words: "It's the unmistakable pose.
Prior Information Notice: Deliveries unmistakable supplies bound borrowing analytical lines.
According to a study conducted by Forrester, true rankings about brands across four criterions, trusted, remarkable, unmistakable, and essential, was measured.
The special masterbatch is said to provide plastic products with an unmistakable code that demonstrates a clear proof of its origin.
Unmistakable impact; a partnership approach for dramatically improving instruction.
Christmas Pudding adds to this sensational portfolio with a delicious mix of cinnamon, spices and dried fruit all steeped in brandy to give that unmistakable "taste of Christmas".
THAT heavy-eyed sleepy gaze and fulllipped pout are unmistakable.
1 : unmistakable <The older students had a decided advantage.
This oil on canvas bears the unmistakable style of Wales' greatest 20th century artist Kyffin Williams.
This series of 58 engravings based on the Passion and death of Christ, executed in somber gray and black in his unmistakable stained glass motif, expresses his understanding of redemptive suffering.