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not melted

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These are pieces of small, unmelted asteroids that are uniform in composition throughout.
The lake's dimensions hold the sun's heat despite its Alpine location - swimming here with patches of unmelted snow on the mountains' crest in mid-summer is not unusual.
He was caught with half of the bars still unmelted in his kitchen.
Before I got married and was introduced to the joys of non-burnt bacon and unmelted cheese on a cracker, I never really did fancy.
The small wind whispers through the leafless hedge Most sharp and chill, where the light snowy flakes Rest on each twig and spike of wither'd sedge, Resembling scatter'd feathers;--vainly breaks The pale split sunbeam through the frowning cloud, 0n Winter's frowns below--from day to day Unmelted still he spreads his hoary shroud, In dithering pride on the pale traveller's way, Who, croodling, hastens from the storm behind Fast gathering deep and black, again to find His cottage fire and corner's sheltering bounds; Where, haply, such uncomfortable days Make musical the wood sap's frizzling sounds, And hoarse loud bellows puffing up the blaze.
Be careful when checking to see if it has melted; often there will be an unmelted layer floating on the top, and when you go to press on it to check underneath it will sink quickly and splash you with hot wax.
A few degrees decide between a homogeneous and thus optimum melt and the risk of unmelted or burnt material.
I can't say for sure if they were already an item, but she at least had sights set: my patty melt came back unmelted, my coffee ice cold.
This recipe balances out both with a little bit of new: thick and chunky tomato flesh slowly roasted, a snappy sting of fresh chives and the elimination of heavy, concentrated tomato paste finished off with thin slices of unmelted Italian Pecorino cheese.
Chocolate, the majority of which arrived unmelted, was a welcome surprise, MacArthur said, because it was so hard to get in Kabul.
Bismarck was shocked to learn of the furor, insisting that peace was never in jeopardy; perhaps he had garbled words around the unmelted butter in his mouth.
Due to the fact that the cooper matrix which surrounds the carbides remains softer than the unmelted material, it is necessary to add some alloying elements into the mixed powder which allow improving both the microhardness and the interface between the carbide and the copper matrix.
We had not performed more than half our days journey, when we began to perceive patches of unmelted snow among the dark and dropping leaves of the rhododendrons, and in sheltered places the shining ice glistened out among the grass.
And there they were lying still in the cardboard boxes of memory - the streamers and baubles, the bells and stars, our little boy's snowman with his carrot nose and jaunty hat, frail threads and unmelted frost, the crib and Wise Men, the battery charged Father Christmas and knotted fairy lights.