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not melted

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Solid-bed breakup occurs, which leads to some partially unmelted pellets getting through the transition and metering zones.
This is mainly connected with internal defects, which could be more or less similar as casting or welding defects--porosity, lack of material, but we can also see typical SLM defects for example unmelted powder in cavities [2, 4].
If there are any pieces of unmelted chocolate, microwave for 5 seconds, and stir again.
Stranded travelers should avoid eating unmelted snow because it lowers body temperature (4).
It could, in fact, be a green and pleasant world, with vast forests unfelled, permafrost unmelted, coastal waters clean and clear and not a Styrofoam container in sight.
The Nordson XALOY Quantum plasticizing system includes a barrier screw designed to increase the rate of plastication for unmelted material while minimizing shear forces on polymer that is already in a molten state.
Pin-holing can be seen in the glaze surface and unmelted silica (darker spots) in the body and glaze.
The carbide particles remain unmelted and are distributed evenly through the matrix, resulting in an extremely strong wear and impact resistant coating.
When you see that there is a layer of melted sugar underneath the unmelted white sugar in the centre of the pan, use the spatula to mush and stir the hot melted sugar into the unmelted sugar.
Stereocomplex crystallites stayed unmelted at 190[degrees]C and embedded in the PLLA molten matrix.
Yellowstone, with its snow drifts still unmelted, mountain lion prints, swirling blizzards, bubbling mudpots, exploding geysers, and the rare chance of seeing a hear up close, is pure nature.
This enables the unmelted material to be recovered and reused.
These are pieces of small, unmelted asteroids that are uniform in composition throughout.
He then sent the PET back to Coca-Cola unmelted to be used in the same way as virgin material.
He was caught with half of the bars still unmelted in his kitchen.