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not mechanized


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The predominant contrast between the utopia and contemporary metropolitan society established by such references to politics hinges upon a future contraction of the political terrain, and this reduction in scale is paralleled by the unmechanized modes of transport that predominate in the narrative: walking, rowboats, horses.
Recall how Senay's hands, when assisting Okwe with the surgery on the sleeping Senor Juan, are unmechanized, valued, and visible.
The CMSS was established in 1977 when workers in the unmechanized mines, where workers are hired through contractors, organized in revolt against the indifference and neglect of the central trade unions that represented workers in the mechanized mines where workers were employed directly by the mine company.
Instead, with the support of local authorities, they focused on maintaining total employment by shifting production to unmechanized sectors like linen, and meeting the needs of the regional market.
In the first place, from the historical point of view, "commercialism and standardization that followed industrialism led to increasing nostalgia for the simple, forceful and unmechanized existence that the Negro came to represent" (Singh 32).
The very modern, if unmechanized, frenzy of slaughter in tiny Rwanda was the result not of primordial tribal hatreds but of a complex history of colonialism and decolonization, of "a hundred years of insane identity politics" distinctly connected to the West.
The food industry was going through a growth phase and needed new equipment to take it forward from the fairly unmechanized state it had been in before the War.
In an unmechanized world, after all, horses are the rapid-transit system.
Th adoption of sulfuric acid (vitriol) in the whitening process did permit bleachers to whiten and finish more cloth, but linen-making itself remained unmechanized.
Unmechanized, the coffee trade would probably still be run by a handful of small merchants, offering penny-packet lots Of beans for home preparation.
Thus, child labor remained useful and profitable for many canneries, particularly during the early period and for unmechanized preparation work.
Some industries such as clothing, baking and coopering remained relatively unmechanized and small in scale while others such as flour, sugar, rolling stock, and brewing underwent mechanization and standardization and were large in scale.
In short, there were significant opportunities for men to move up from clerical work in the unmechanized office, but no guarantee that all of them would.
The investment will be done in cash and equipment to be allocated to the development of the Muyuyacu project, which produced 3 000 ounces of gold through unmechanized methods in the last twelve months.
Moreover, less than half of all Tanzanians have access to electricity in the first place, and some 80 per cent of the population earns its living through back-breaking, unmechanized agriculture.