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Synonyms for unmechanical

(of a person) lacking mechanical skills

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New technical information has revealed all underdrawing, elements of which are strikingly unmechanical, but the colour scheme of the picture and a distinct spatial unease mean that for the moment I am unconverted, again in part because of what I presume to be the relatively late date of the preparatory drawings (around 1502).
Or does it mean that the balancing and assessment of testimony is so profoundly unmechanical that it will sometimes elude the ability of an ordinary writer to enunciate?
Within this stillness the bells of the Schloss church toll six, a pleasant sound, uneven and unmechanical.
As Brian Lee and Robert Reinders note in "The Loss of Innocence: 1880-1914," the Civil War decade saw a marked acceleration of technological innovation and commerce, "Yet the presence of the open frontier still helped sustain an image of a rural, agrarian, unmechanical America" (212).