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However, the judge observed that section 8(2)(a) of Civil Servants Family Pension Rules was required to be rationalised as it prima facie was discriminatory as it treated two similarly placed unmarried daughters differently which was a clear violation of fundamental rights as guaranteed under the constitution.
Citing reports that the number of unmarried couples living together continues to climb, Hertz and Guillen offer plain-language advice on how the law impacts various aspects of such a couple's life.
Obergefell is important because it "highlights the differences between married couples and unmarried couples" in financial planning, according to Wendy Goffe, a partner at law firm Stoel Rives in Seattle.
Unmarried couples may also be able to get a smaller combined income tax by having one partner file as head of household, and the other file as an unmarried taxpayer, Goffe suggested.
I actually also see many unmarried couples borrowing for a single property,' he said.
The share of babies born to moms from Latin America has declined while the share of babies born to moms from regions such as Asia has increased," Pew said, with women from Latin America four times as likely to be unmarried when giving birth.
Unmarried couples can be of any age, from young people contemplating a formal union to seniors who have grown children from previous marriages, and may be same-sex or opposite-sex couples.
9 per cent of children lived with unmarried parents in 2005, a rate that increased slightly to 4.
They said their plans to take a second wife were inspired by a wish to revive the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed and to reduce the numbers of unmarried women.
Pagadian City - The family of an unmarried Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) yesterday appealed to President Aquino for "fair treatment" in granting death benefits to the families of the unmarried commandos who were killed in action.
Children of unmarried parents fare much worse on a variety of
This work is an engaging study of the intersection of English attitudes, social trends, and public policy as it relates to unmarried mothers and their children.
But there is NO entitlement to maintenance for a partner in the case of unmarried couples.
This is not the case for unmarried couples, and the entitlement on the breakdown of the relationship or death could be very different from what was expected.