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Synonyms for unmarketable

not fit for sale

not capable of being sold

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You don't say how the surveyor reached this conclusion but there might be properties, such as ones suffering from subsidence or flooding, that may be unmarketable and thus worth nothing.
they hit the ground running with the first release on the label, a two track album from a 20-yearold who had tried all the majors but was turned down as they viewed the piece as unmarketable.
PORTLAND, Maine -- A shell disease that has plagued the southern New England lobster industry for years by making lobsters unsightly and in some cases unmarketable appears to be creeping northward to the lobster-rich grounds off the coast of Maine.
At least one case within a&r's purview has occurred recently where a product was deemed unmarketable due to some formal labeling problems and unsubstantiated health claims made on the label.
The EU plans to prohibit discards at sea of unmarketable fish by obliging fishermen to land their by-catches.
Typically unmarketable trees, brush and logging debris becomes the feedstock for biomass processing plants or for coal-fired power plants equipped to "co-fire" with plant material.
The site is also a great place to test the market with a product idea before creating an inventory of unmarketable items.
Since entering the spring, vegetable farmers in many area of China, including Zhejiang, Henan and  Shandong, suffered from unmarketable vegetable.
Does anyone know of case-law scenarios for unmarketable, vacant commercial buildings?
00pm on 20 August 2010 (or, in the case of ineligible foreign holders and unmarketable scheme participants, their nominee) have been issued one new fully paid ordinary Atlas share for every three Aurox shares.
A plaintiff must prove that the property is unsuitable for use as zoned or unmarketable as zoned.
But when the Environmental Protection Agency sought to add the Gowanus Canal to its Superfund National Priorities list one month later, Toll Brothers began to have second thoughts, refusing to close the transaction because such a designation would make the site unmarketable.
Since his employment in 1993, Batson has developed a wealth of practical, hands-on experience in dealing with complex issues related to the creative use of unmarketable and unusual assets to fund charitable gifts.
As it stands today this is a virtually unreadable and most likely unmarketable product.
Yield parameters measured and recorded were the weight and number of marketable and unmarketable pumpkins.