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Synonyms for unmarked

free from flaws or blemishes

Synonyms for unmarked

not having an identifying mark


not taken into account

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Every other thought or care was thrown into unmarked perspective by the certainty that Maggie must be his.
But, in spite of Albert's hope, the day passed unmarked by any incident, excepting two or three encounters with the carriage full of Roman peasants.
Gentlemen of the green-baize road who could discourse from personal experience of foreign galleys and home treadmills; spies of strong governments that eternally quake with weakness and miserable fear, broken traitors, cowards, bullies, gamesters, shufflers, swindlers, and false witnesses; some not unmarked by the branding-iron beneath their dirty braid; all with more cruelty in them than was in Nero, and more crime than is in Newgate.
And when I turned my head to take a parting glance at the tug which had just left us anchored outside the bar, I saw the straight line of the flat shore joined to the stable sea, edge to edge, with a perfect and unmarked closeness, in one leveled floor half brown, half blue under the enor- mous dome of the sky.
Fifteen of the Pack, as well as half a dozen lahinis, lay dead by the river, and of the others not one was unmarked.
As Deborah Tannen says, corporeally "there is no unmarked woman" because women's bodies and the choices they make in terms of appearance and self-identification in the public sphere always mark them in specific, gendered ways.
This demonstration of the equal semiotic rights of unworked, unmarked areas made everything possible in modern art, from Pollock's use of bare canvas to Cage's manipulation of silence to perhaps even Duchamp's readymades.
In the wild, in a version of this experiment, chipmunks dug out the unmarked patches first in 15 out of 20 observations.
The team also had a few unmarked department-owned cars and forfeiture vehicles available for its use.
Supply and installation of prefabricated construction sites for the expansion of schools from 2 nd degree in Mayotte Quantities: High School Pamandzi: 385 m 2 (prefabricated) + 55 m 2 (sanitary block) 7 rooms unmarked male sanitary block and female + local maintenance high school Kahani: 440 m 2 (prefabricated) 8 rooms unmarked Mamoudzou North High School (L2K3 ): 60 m 2 (prefabricated) 2 cloakrooms showers + male and female college Bandrl: 220 m 2 (prefabricated) 4 full Labattoir college unmarked: 220 m 2 (prefabricated) 4 full unmarked.
ISLAMABAD -- Local human rights defender group, Voice of Victims (VoV) has disclosed that it has identified a dozen more unmarked graves in Badgam district in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK).
Messi swung it into the middle and French centre-back Mathieu arrived unmarked to send a perfectly placed header past the dive of Iker Casillas.
Witnesses reported seeing a police helicopter as well as numerous marked and unmarked patrol cars.
It would be rare that someone would be stopped by an officer out of uniform using an unmarked cruiser, but if that happened the person being pulled over could request verification just to be certain that this is a legitimate stop.
AN unmarked police car was one of three vehicles involved in an accident on the A55.