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lacking a crew


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The sight was awe-inspiring in the extreme as one contemplated this mighty floating funeral pyre, drifting unguided and unmanned through the lonely wastes of the Martian heavens; a derelict of death and destruction, typifying the life story of these strange and ferocious creatures into whose unfriendly hands fate had carried it.
It was no moment to let her see that she had completely unmanned him.
a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that its Unmanned Systems Division (USD) recently received a single award IDIQ contract with a maximum potential value of $81,000,000 from a U.
Unmanned aerial systems are taking flight in highway transportation.
Synopsis: The idea of the armed, combat-configured unmanned aerial vehicle entered the 21st Century in the same manner as the idea of military airplanes had entered the 20th Century.
In terms of section 12 of the Railway Act 1890, the responsibility for upgradation of unmanned level crossing lies with the concerned provincial governments and road authorities," sources in the Ministry of Railways told reporter.
com)-- Go Unmanned, a drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company from Raleigh, N.
Secretary Mabus wrote: Unmanned systems are inherently different from their manned counterparts.
Frank Kelley to be deputy assistant Secretary of the Navy (DASN) for Unmanned Systems during a speech Oct.
USPRwire, Sun Apr 12 2015] This report shows the leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market segments in various regions across the world.
It defines "autonomous aircraft" as "an unmanned aircraft that does not allow pilot intervention in the management of the flight.
Since 2000, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has been regularly publishing a 25-year roadmap for unmanned systems.
EVEN as railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal stresses passenger safety as top priority of his ministry, thousands of unmanned railway crossings continue to be a major reason behind accidents involving trains in the country.
Troops can't seem to get enough of the aerial reconnaissance gathered by manned and unmanned aircraft, which has proven invaluable to them in recent conflicts.
Summary: The International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) has announced the introduction of a focused Unmanned Systems Area to be launched at the show's next edition in February 2013.