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Synonyms for unmanageable

Synonyms for unmanageable

Synonyms for unmanageable

difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape


hard to control

difficult to solve or alleviate

Related Words

incapable of being controlled or managed

References in classic literature ?
She had been bitten in the ear by her own little daughter, who hung at her back; and who was so wild and unmanageable, that it was quite amusing to see her.
It is unmanageable because it is a romance, and its essence is romantic beauty.
Tom, as has been said, had come up from the third with a good character, but the temptations of the lower-fourth soon proved too strong for him, and he rapidly fell away, and became as unmanageable as the rest.
Bounderby, the two gentlemen at this present moment walking through Coketown, and both eminently practical, who could, on occasion, furnish more tabular statements derived from their own personal experience, and illustrated by cases they had known and seen, from which it clearly appeared - in short, it was the only clear thing in the case - that these same people were a bad lot altogether, gentlemen; that do what you would for them they were never thankful for it, gentlemen; that they were restless, gentlemen; that they never knew what they wanted; that they lived upon the best, and bought fresh butter; and insisted on Mocha coffee, and rejected all but prime parts of meat, and yet were eternally dissatisfied and unmanageable.
Mr Merdle turned his tongue in his closed mouth--it seemed rather a stiff and unmanageable tongue--moistened his lips, passed his hand over his forehead again, and looked all round the room again, principally under the chairs.
I only wonder,' resumed Mrs Wilfer, directing her observations to her elder daughter, as safer on the whole than her utterly unmanageable younger, 'that you found time and inclination to tear yourself from Mr and Mrs Boffin, and come to see us at all.
What sort of cumbrous and unmanageable machine, Sam Weller imagined a habeas-corpus to be, does not appear; for Perker, at that moment, walked up and took Mr.
I saw her at church,--she's handsomer than this,--deuced fine eyes and fine figure, I saw; but rather dangerous and unmanageable, eh?
According to experts, it is apprehended that if jobs are not created in the rural areas, the unemployment rate would touch unmanageable proportions while migration to urban areas would also make the cities unmanageable.
New Delhi : President Pranab Mukherjee has said that terrorism was the biggest threat to peace and tranquillity, respects no boundaries, causes wanton destruction and that action should be taken to combat it before it becomes unmanageable.
com)-- “Millions and millions of homeowners in the United States spent 2011 under a cloud of uncertainty caused by missed payments on an unmanageable mortgage,” said Donna Tashjian from Keller Williams.
Castaic High was expected to open in 2008, and the two-year delay would have resulted in unmanageable overcrowding at West Ranch, Hart officials said.
Moreover, there is a point where size becomes unmanageable where supply and information systems collapse.
Inspector Andy Thomas, from West Mercia Police, said the event, which happened every Wednesday during the summer months, had become unmanageable and was 'an accident waiting to happen'.
Process writing is marking intensive and is often seen to be unmanageable in large classes.