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difficult or impossible to shape or work

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Emma repeatedly attempts to impose her ideas on the surprisingly unmalleable world, but her thoughts frequently reveal that she has to argue with herself inwardly.
You're trying to shape something very big and unmalleable into a single visual arc.
In their eagerness to provide context, historians have sometimes ignored the complex and unmalleable testimony of artifacts themselves (see Palmer 1997, Styles 1998).
Thus, women disappear in the midst of their journey towards corporate leadership, hitting against an unmalleable transparent barrier.
Most of the wares for sale at Bett are of spurious educational benefit, and I wonder why there aren't more teachers prepared to take a stand here against the pernicious, creeping rise of these dumb tools and their bovine, unmalleable functionality.
Most qualitative researchers eschew agendas that are based on acquiring foundational knowledge or unmalleable prescriptions for practice.
32) Hand's comment reflects skepticism at two levels--concerning the existence of timeless unmalleable political ideals and the ability of a chosen body to know and implement them.