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deprive of certain characteristics


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A decade before this speech of Everhard's, the New York Board of Trade issued a report from which the following is quoted: "The railroads control absolutely the legislatures of a majority of the states of the Union; they make and unmake United States Senators, congressmen, and governors, and are practically dictators of the governmental policy of the United States.
you unmake a face the way you undo, to rewind the corrugated heart of a
In Compulsive Beauty, Hal Foster suggests that Bellmer's shifting of desire thus "doubles back, turns in, as if to capture the object, to make, unmake, and remake its image again and again.
It frames the poet's capacity to unmake those patterns and motifs that readers may anticipate within a text that carries the burden of identity markers--"Musical," "Black," "Female," or otherwise.
Harris, a foe of not just religious extremists but moderates too, writes, ``Words like 'God' and 'Allah' must go the way of 'Apollo' and 'Baal,' or they will unmake our world.
That's one of the main messages of It Ain't Necessarily So: How Media Make and Unmake the Scientific Picture of Reality, by David Murray, Joel Schwartz, and S.