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Synonyms for unlucky

Synonyms for unlucky

involving or undergoing chance misfortune

disturbing because of failure to measure up to a standard or produce the desired results

Synonyms for unlucky

having or bringing misfortune


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marked by or promising bad fortune

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Every time he seems to get an innocuous bang you almost fear the worst, he seems to be the unluckiest player going.
I felt sometimes like I was the unluckiest man on the planet, but after the surgery you feel great again.
But then Fry asked panellists: "Now what is so lucky about the unluckiest man in the world?
Asked if last season was his unluckiest, Wenger replied: "It was by far, with the decisions and injuries.
Unluckiest athlete was Ashleigh Stone, who narrowly missed out on a medal in the triple jump, taking fourth place.
But Lisa and Brian are the most likely to fail, Helen and John are the unluckiest and Ann and George are the least attractive.
In Chinese culture, the luckiest number is 8; the unluckiest is 4.
A Ladbrokes' spokesman said: "This is the unluckiest bet since we started bookmaking in 1886.
Only snake-bitten USC, those not-so-blessed boys from Troy, the outfit its public relations department calls ``probably the unluckiest team in America,'' watched in delight as Cesca went wide right.
HOLLYOAKS Channel 4 WARREN walks in on Sienna in her wedding dress, but that's far from the unluckiest thing to happen to the bride this week.
AINTREE'S oldest and unluckiest punter, 104-year-old George Atkinson, is backing AP McCoy to win his last Grand National so they can both "retire gracefully".
In any list of the unluckiest players never to be capped, Andy Young would be near the top.
Which leads us into a search for the unluckiest person of the day, probably Kimiko Date-Krumm who had the misfortune of being 43-years-old in a WTA Tour quarter-final and having played singles and doubles every day for a week.
The unluckiest man on the beach was Jim Grovell who did a spot of fishing before the competition and beached a specimen 2lb 5oz Dover sole; but was fishless in the match.