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Antonyms for unloving

not giving or reciprocating affection

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Two parents living separately are better than two living together in an abusive, aggressive, unloving relationship.
As we listen to Gore speak of his challenging childhood -- growing up in the chill presence of an unloving mother and a philandering father -- we realize it is small wonder that the boy's attentions turned inward, constructing imaginative storylines for novels while yet a teenager.
Explaining why women go for men with hefty pockets, the duo said that choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and her offspring.
Ms Barrett said the couple, who lived in the house in Sunderland for 48 years, had a "turbulent, distant and unloving relationship".
Why was the world so unloving, so violently, lethally unwelcoming to our transgender youth?
Brought up in a strict Roman Catholic household, some of the blame for Johnny's emergence may be laid at the door of the unloving seminary in Lancashire which the young Michael attended as a trainee Catholic priest when he was aged just 11.
Terry's struggle comes from his abusive and unloving stepmother and father, his experience as a Jehovah's Witness, and his adolescent awakening to the fact that he is gay.
Then suddenly they're on the mat prowling around staring into one another's eyes in a particularly unloving way.
He shows, time and again, that the words traditionally mistranslated as 'homosexual,' 'effeminate,' 'impure,' and so forth, are really targeting selfish, unloving, unjust activity and have nothing to do with sexual orientation.
He was constantly encouraging people to change from an unloving way of thinking and acting to having compassion and concern for others.
Now they are divorced, alone, unloved and unloving, and emotionally dead to themselves and everyone else.
But when that plan backfires with Palmer, Danny attempts to cover his tracks by falling back on his tried-and-true plan B his upcoming divorce from said unloving spouse.
Despite its rather misleadingly jokey title, this tough novel has a strong ring of truth--the pain and humiliation of boys under the brutality of sadistic, angry and unloving Brothers is vividly described.
rd's interpretation of Dvorak's magnificent Seventh Symphony might have been perceived by some as hard-driven and unloving.