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Synonyms for unloosen

Synonyms for unloosen

loosen the ties of


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Unconscious of that, and of most things, he had left the coat so, both when he had laved his face in the river, and when he had cast himself upon the bed; though it would have been much easier to him if he had unloosened it.
How does he circumvent the abundant evidence that once unloosened, the physician-assisted suicide horseman will never cease looking for new victims?
Shayne Ward and Joseph Whelan have firmly unloosened the shackles of the X Factor to prove, in their respective roles of The Artilleryman and The Voice of Humanity, that they genuinely can sing and that they can also act extremely well.
The gestures of support have been mostly symbolic of course given that Israel has not unloosened its tight grip on the Palestinians or their land,.
They unloosened the drawbridge and we were able to get out by walking round the machine.
That women were sometimes baptized naked in the early church, with unloosened hair, usually a sign of sexual availability (including prostitution), or penitence, is itself a complicating factor (48).
The world is old But the rust of a million years Has left the chains unloosened.
Long am I abroad In snow and in frost, Not daring to approach any man, My fallow unsown, My horses unloosened, And they lost to me entirely.