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Synonyms for unloosen

Synonyms for unloosen

loosen the ties of


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Anyway, you'd think with all this success Nick would be ready to hang up the 3-chip and unloosen his belt for a long career as a skate photog.
This is an account of the more-than-hundred-years attempt to roll back the stone from the tomb and unloosen the centuries of cobwebs that enshroud Mark and Matthew, Luke and Paul, John and the author of Hebrews.
17) Similarly, a few pages later, he asks Violet to unloosen her hair, an act that leaves her sexually open to him, but he also requests, "Imprison me with those white arms of thine" (p.
Does that include he time it takes the average drunken bloke to unloosen his belt, find the bed or find the girl?
The domino effect of a western attack on Assad could be a Middle East war involving Israel that unloosens the malign power of Iran, Russia and China in the region.