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I might be driving, lying down to sleep, standing on the top of a hill about to descend when I am unleashed, unloosed, untethered.
Well, responsible studies have been made of the possibility that a mini black hole, once unloosed, could gobble up more and more matter.
And then, repeat the gospel-call, simply and clearly: A new life unloosed from anxiety is even now being born.
A strong cord was made fast to the bull's horns and tied round his fore legs, "the chain was unloosed from the stake, guards were told off, who, with fixed bayonets, reconducted the poor animal in triumph into the town, a vast crowd, of course, 'assisting' at the novel ceremony".
Nobility are serfs and peasants rule the roost; At what was once outlawed the plebs are now unloosed.
And so the knot of Eve's disobedience received its unloosing through the obedience of Mary; for what Eve, a virgin, bound by incredulity, that Mary, a virgin, unloosed by faith.
Now with time, energy and prospects, the human forces in the terrorist are unloosed through violence, hate and fear.
All of these sounds go far beyond the word, and in this place beyond language they create queer friendship from noise unloosed from the gendered body, melody not bound to harmony.
The chief officer had been strolling about the deck and noticed the reflection of the riding-light on the water, I chuckled to think how small the opposition would feel when we unloosed our cannon of testimony.
Through hidden sensepaths pine-trees call to prayer, Blue mask of shade, and snow cold rooms of memory Wherein to kneel with every lip reopening While down from heaven drooms the ice Unloosed and uncontrolled-- Slithers the itching paint away Shrives clean the hair And clings as sharp and caged As glaze on cuticle.
Accompaniment) Then as the thong unloosed its sweep, it coiled Cir.
This gave some indication as to the whereabouts of its bolts inside, and led to their discovery; and thus, finally, one after another of the sections was discovered, their bolts unloosed, and the model, uninjured, made ready for the foundry.
His classic book, Army Life in a Black Regiment (1870), portrays the war as a noble struggle for racial justice based on an alliance of white abolitionists and former slaves like the 1st South Carolina, "a race at last unloosed," who willingly fought to overcome their oppressor.
scholars unloosed a 'flood' of botanical information in 'dozens of specialist publications containing hundreds of new plant descriptions.