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Antonyms for unloaded

(of weapons) not charged with ammunition


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But at that moment Trent leaped up, dashed his unloaded revolver full in the man's face and, while he staggered with the shock, a soldier from behind shot him through the heart.
A piece of dry birch bark started the fire, and Daylight went ahead with the cooking while the Indian unloaded the sled and fed the dogs their ration of dried fish.
Eighty tons of freight, including deckload, she carried, and in all democracy Captain Jorgensen, the cook, and the two other sailors, loaded and unloaded her at all hours, and sailed her night and day on all times and tides, one man steering while three slept and recuperated.
Messner unharnessed the animals, unloaded his sled and took possession.
Barbicane, pencil in hand, was tracing geometrical figures in a memorandum book, while his unloaded rifle lay beside him on the ground.
This gives them a great facility of movement; for the distance to which horses can be driven over these plains is quite surprising: I have been assured that an unloaded horse can travel a hundred miles a day for many days successively.
The Tree only came to himself when he was unloaded in a court-yard with the other trees, and heard a man say, "That one is splendid
Luckily, however, for the poor wretch, he had fallen into more merciful hands; for Jones having examined the pistol, and found it to be really unloaded, began to believe all the man had told him, before Partridge came up: namely, that he was a novice in the trade, and that he had been driven to it by the distress he mentioned, the greatest indeed imaginable, that of five hungry children, and a wife lying in of the sixth, in the utmost want and misery.
When they put a clothes-sack on the front of the sled, she suggested it should go on the back; and when they had put it on the back, and covered it over with a couple of other bundles, she discovered overlooked articles which could abide nowhere else but in that very sack, and they unloaded again.
After they had travelled three miles they unloaded the sled, came back for her, and by main strength put her on the sled again.
I had unloaded the boat and carried its contents high up on the beach, where I had set about making a camp.
Burns that photograph explained why the unloaded ship had kept sweltering at anchor for three weeks in a pestilential hot harbour with- out air.
Muscat, Aug 8 (ONA) The total quantity of the fishes unloaded by artisan fishing in the Sultanate reached 78,145 tons by the end of last April with a 12.
Muscat: Vessel activity at Port Sultan Qaboos (SPQ) and Salalah Port witnessed growth in terms of unloaded and loaded (export) cargo in the first half of 2014 when compared with the same period in 2013.
The gas will be unloaded through the flexible riser into the pipeline end manifold (PLEM) for transportation to shore via the subsea pipeline.